Star Wars Armada – Imperial Squadrons!

Today I’m going to share a few pictures of all of the Imperial Squadrons I have painted up so far. A few I painted up in standard Imperial colours before I’d decided on a scheme for my fleet…

but a few others are in the fleet colours…

The idea was for generic pilots to be flying in red ships and any unique pilots to be flying around in white ships.

I’ve also painted up a few rogues to go alongside these…

As you can see I jumped on the bandwagon with the Firesprays! I don’t even feel guilty 🙂

Star Wars Armada – Imperial Fleet


So I’ve been playing a lot of Armada recently and after a long while of using grey triangles I wanted to spice them up a bit. Now those that know know I’m a bit of a Star Wars geek and the idea of Star Destroyers being anything other than Imperial White hurts my head a little bit. It took a long time for me to convince my self that it was a good idea to throw some red stripes on my ships, but I’m glad I did.

I think it’s nice and bold and stands out from the crowd. I still wanted them to look like the classic Imperial ships, but with a wee bit of colour added and felt red would be the most suitable. I’m still toying with adding the ship names in aurebesh somewhere on the hulls, but am most likely to just leave them as is. Most of the markings were done with masking and airbrush, but then highlighted with some brushwork. The symbols were done with stencils, which I picked up from ProTech Models. So take a look at some more images of this lot and let me know what you think….

Star Wars – Imperial Assault


I’ve been on a pretty big Star Wars buzz for the last few months. The Force Awakens really awakened(sorry) my love for this fantastic universe and now there are so many options for crossing my love of that universe with my love for tabletop wargaming.

As well as getting back into X-wing I’ve also jumped on board with Armada and Imperial Assault. It’s the latter I’ll be looking at today, particularly the few figures I’ve managed to get round to painting.

I’ve only managed to play through the first few missions of the campaign, but with another attempt on the go at the weekend, I’m hopeful that we’ll manage to get a lot more done and I can get a full taste of how the campaign system plays out. What I have been paying a fair bit is the skirmish mode, which allows for small skirmish teams to be played in versus matches. A great wee addition but also a great way to add a competitive tournament scene to the kind of game it would not normally be suitable for.

The system works really well; Each player has 40 points of minis and is looking to be the first to score 40 victory points. This can be done either by killing enemy units or claiming objectives, and usually a win is gained by mixing the two. With a good mixture of maps and missions(I think there’s around 40 or so), as each new figure pack comes with 1 map with 2 missions it has a great deal of variety. Alongside the 3 factions(Rebel, Imperial, Mercenaries), you get a good mixture of different things every time you play. If you can’t tell already, I love it!

Anyway, enough of my blabbing, here’s a look at the core set characters that I’ve painted up so far….