Knight Models – Gotham City Police!


That’s four of Gotham’s finest ready to back up my heroes in a fight 😀

I wanted to do something a little bit different with them than to the ‘official’ scheme, but nothing too drastic. So I threw in a little bit of gold to add some colour and let the minis stand out a bit more, and I think it works quite well 🙂

Cop1 Cop2 Cop3 Cop4 Cop5 Cop6 Cop7 Cop8

Another lot of minis that were a joy to paint especially the two unnamed officers(the chubby chap with the flashlight and the lady officer), who are now two of my favorite models from the range 🙂

Next up some more of the Bat Family…


Knight Models – Batgirl & Nightwing

I’ve been getting a little painting in where I can on my collection of Batman miniatures and have changed my plans as to what I’ll be painting slightly. The place I go to get my Batman Miniatures Game fix on Facebook; Arkham City Limits, which has just become the official group for the game (meaning it is supported by Knight Models and has regular input from the folks behind the game), is running a painting competition :). The rules are simple; Paint up a new 350 rep force that has not been shown on the web before now. Perfect for me just starting out.

So along with the Bat Family I will be painting up a realised I would need some cops & swat to back em up, which have been ordered and should be with me soon 😀

In regards to the Bat Family I’ve now finished up Batgirl and Nightwing…

Batgirl-&-Nightwing Batgirl-1 Batgirl-2 Batgirl-3

Nightwing-1 Nightwing-2 Nightwing-3

There is a couple of things I want ot fix with these; Batgirl’s base needs a black rim and I would like to add the red down Nightwing’s back but other than that they are done :). I had more trouble with Batgirl than I thought I would and am not completely happy, but she’ll have to do. Nightwing on the other hand, I enjoyed a lot more than I thought I would, even though it’s quite a simple scheme.

Next up will be some cops to back these folks up 😀

Knight Models – Batman & Robin!

My plan for the Knight Models range was to get and paint up the Bat family and what better place to start than the dynamic duo themselves; Batman & Robin…


Batman-1 Batman-2 Robin-1 Robin-2

I loved painting these up, absolutely loved it 😀

The detail on the models is clean and crisp, something I’ve always loved about metal models. As I’ve said before the scale is glorious, especially considering the little detail of Batman being taller than Robin, something you often don’t see with model ranges. My only complaint was Batmans ears, which seemed a little shorter than they should be, and one looking a little malformed. Only a small problem though 🙂

Next up, Batgirl or Nightwing?

I’m Back Baby!


After a long hiatus from this blog and any hobby activity in general, I’m getting back to it now! Yay 🙂

Many factors contributed to my absence; Preparing for my first-born, moving house, getting an Xbox One and a few other things, but all in all it came down to needing a break from toy soldiers for a wee while.

Luckily in the last few weeks that monkey has climbed back onto my back, and the brushes and tools have been unpacked ready to go and I can attribute my new found enthusiasm to one man; Batman!

I recently discovered a miniatures range from Knight Models featuring the Dark Knight and a whole host of his allies and rogues gallery and was so impressed with the minis I got ordering right away :), and here’s what I’ve got to work on…

Batgirl, Batman, Robin & Nightwing

Batgirl, Batman, Robin & Nightwing

Deathstroke, Green Arrow & Black Canary

Deathstroke, Green Arrow & Black Canary

I’m suitably impressed with the quality of these folks, with good, clean and exceptionally detailed molds, but also the scale is amazing. Being 35mm rather than the usual 28mm I’m used to working with they really do stand apart and look really special. This also helped alleviate a problem I had with the price, and realise that they are worth the £12 a peice they come in at.

So I have these chaps to work on, and I’ll have an update on them later today once a few more licks of paint have been added, but I also have another bucket load of models to work on in the form of…


The box set for Xtreme arrived just before Christmas and whilst I haven’t had a chance to do much with it yet, this new boost of hobby enthusiasm has got me starting to prepare the models for painting and playing, and I’m hoping to get a review of the box set done soon. The second wave has just started shipping as well, which means I’ll soon be buried under a pile of minis, and I’d like to get ahead of it while I can 🙂

Finally I’d like to say it feels good to get back to this and share my progress with all you lovely people 😀