Middle Earth SBG – The White Council; Now With Extra Wildlife!

Over the last couple of weeks my focus has shifted from Azog’s Legion over to my good force, the White Council. It’s primarily the realisation of what can be done with mounts, not just horses but some of the other fantastic beasts(oops, wrong franchise) certain members of the White Council have access to, but for now we’ll start with the horses…

The first to receive an upgrade are the Gandalf and Elrond, which are also replacing the 2 I had already painted. Back to square one on that then. Both beautiful sculpts, other than the usual finecast troubles. You’ll also see my Glorfindal on Asfaloth conversion, just a simple head and weapon swap but it does the job. I will be adding a couple more details with greenstuff, to add a bit more character. Now all I need to find is a mounted Saruman.

Next up is a certain brown wizard who, due to his affinity with nature and all her beasts, can access some pretty cool options…

His sleigh, which was a lot of fun to build the base for/not a lot of fun to build, and a great eagle from the Misty Mountains. Radagast on eagle does come with a resin version but as you’ll see from the images below it’s not the best kit, so I opted to stick him on one of the plastic versions, which incedentally turned out to be the same sculpt.

I’m really excited to use Radagast and each option he has, as they each add thier own unique flavour to how you use the wizard.

Finally we have an ally coming to the aid of the White Council and his friend Radagast, Beorn and a great eagle…

Part of a bundle I was so happy to find, Beorn wasn’t a planned addition to the force but can easily join them with an allies of White Council and Radagast’s Alliance. They may lose thier army bonuses but I think it’s worth it to have a giant were-bear-man coming along for the party. This is another I’ll be addign some greenstuff to, whilst the bear form looks a lot better in the flesh I’d like to bulk him out a bit more and add a bit more detailing to the fur.

Not much left to do but fill some gaps before I can finally get a lick of paint on these guys!

Middle Earth SBG – Playing Thranduil’s Halls!

Take a look at our latest tactics article by guest writer Kevin…

Hi all! This is my first army overview and I’m going to talk a bit about the denizens of Thranduil’s Halls.

I’m fairly new to the Middle Earth SBG, even though I am a massive Tolkein nerd, but have found the game quite easy to learn. I have played a varied amount of armies both on the good and evil side that has given me a quick understanding of how to break down an army, and really given me a headstart with Thranduil’s Halls.

The great thing about Mirkwood is the solid unit choices and drop dead gorgeous models (I’m looking at you Mirkwood rangers) and we have access to some really high fight value characters and troops.

When I chose to collect Mirkwood it was purely based on my knowlege of the lost lands of the 1st age and how closely Thranduil’s Halls is based upon that. Given the reason for choosing the army, I was in for a treat on the table as they turned out to be a nightmare for my friends to deal with.
I do feel some units need a bit of a point reduction to bring them in line with other units (again looking at you mirkwood rangers).

The thing I love most about the army is the sheer adaptibility, if the list is built around balance rather than focusing on one aspect. The woodland creature ability is great if you can make the most of it and can be used for great positioning and is really helpful for defence and certain scenarios. Thranduil on his mighty stag with his cavarly mates just holding behind a line of palace guard with shields and spears will make anyone think twice about a frontal charge and a flank held by mirkwood rangers is nearly untakable if you posistion well. The army bonus really encourages a tight knit army fighting close quarters around the king himself. Thranduil provides buffs to many of the units from +1 to wound to +1 fight value and even counts as a six inch banner for his Mirkwood cavarly! He becomes a lynchpin for the army around him.

Legolas has time and time again proven to be a great addition to any Mirkwood elves list as he provides good might and incredible special ability that means he can snipe even into combat (or a pesky white warg).

Tuariel is a fighting machine that really wants your opponent to throw as much as possible at her to make the best use of her outnumber me attack more rule.


Now onto Thranduil the big king himself, with a fight value of seven and strength 5 on his stag with 3 attacks before he charges he can blend anyone silly enough to send in the goats! On foot he has the same rule as Tuariel (gaining an extra attack for each model after the first to outnumber you) but goes down to strength 4. I have started to give him a bow as shoot value 2+ is kinda juicy with and elven bow.

Mirkwood Elves

These guys are great! Fight value and defence five before upgrades and access to some


nice kit. Also your cheapest banner option.


  • High defence and fight value
  • Elite basic troops
  • Elven blades!


  • High point cost
  • easily outnumbered

Palace Guard


My bread and butter in all my lists so far that i have written, these guys are stupid good when near a banner and Thranduil as they become fv6 and +1 to wouund.
As it goes they are really hard to shift when given a line of shields backed up by spears and i have seen 2 lock down a even wound a few big monsters.


  • amazing troops that can hold the line and break your enemies just as easily
  • can be buffed to insane levels next to Thranduil
  • High fight value and defence six with a shield


  • High points cost
  • Feels like Thranduil needs to babysit at times to maximize their output
  • Each lost is felt hard

Mirkwood rangers


I never leave the forest hall without at least 5 of these guys. With a low defence 3 but dont count towards your bowlimit, these can be your opponents worst nightmare with their elven bows and cloaks meaning you can be in great position for shooting with little to no chance of retribution.
With thier ‘Knife Fighter’ ability, similar to Thranduils ‘Bladelord’ and Tauriels ‘Blade Midtress’ they can gain extra attacks if they are outnumbered. Though if you lose that fight that defence means you aren’t going to last long.


  • Dont count towards your armies bow limit
  • Elven Cloaks are thier best defence
  • If outnumbered can perform well


  • Too expensive
  • Squishy

Mirkwood Cavalry


Nice cavarly with that elven high fight value and really strond defence with a shield, great to bodyguard Thranduil as he buffs them and counts as a banner to boot!
I like these guys alot but they do seem underwhelming at times.


  • Usual Elf high Fight value
  • good flankers and distraction unit


  • Need Thranduil around to be great
  • High points cost
  • Needs woodland creature on mount

Wood Elf Sentinal


Single 25 point model that i have only used one so can only say that he preformed well and I can see great use for these guys and will need to include them a bit more.