Tabletop Gaming Magazine – Star Saga Painting Guide!

Let’s take a peek at the latest article we have completed for issue 14 of Tabletop Gaming Magazine.

This month’s guide covers the villains from Mantic Games Star Saga, a sci-fi dungeon crawler set within the Warpath universe. Covering each of the 5 ‘bosses’ of the story set out within the Eidas Contract, the first mission book of what we hope will be many more. Here’s a look at the 5 big bads:

That’s only 5 out of 35 miniatures for the game, so keep an eye out for future guides for the rest of the miniatures!

Deadzone – Chovar Psychic!

One of my favorite models from the Deadzone range is the Chovar Psychic and I’ve just got round to getting mine all painted up…

Chovar-3 Chovar-2 Chovar-1

It really is a cracking mini and was a lot of fun to paint, ending up easier than I expected. Painting the tentacles separately from the body definitely made things a lot simpler and I would reccomend this to anyone tackling this chap in the future 🙂