Dreadball – Zee Team Finished!

My 5th Dreadball team, the Irn Bruisers, and their coach have now been finished and here they are:

Zees4 Zees5

I used the Gabe model for my coach, Mr. Barr, as I happen to have one spare who will eventually get done up for use as an MVP

Coach1 Coach2

As you can see I made up a logo for them imitating their inspration, the great drink that is Irn Bru. I also tried out some clear paints on the bases for something a bit different. I did this with a mix of the red and yellow from the Tamiya clear range. I’m pleased with the result and think it will be something I’ll do again in the future with some different colours 🙂

Next up will be some MVP’s 😀

Dreadball – Dunedin VI Mega Bowl

There is going to be a Dreadball tournament in Edinburgh, the Dunedin VI Mega Bowl, in a matter of weeks and I’m getting very excited. The details of the day have only just been announced and boy, are there some good prizes. Here’s how its looking:

1st Prize – A copy of Dreadball Ultimate, Official Mantic league champion 2013 medal, official Mantic Dreadball trophy and Drake and the Dynamic Dinoborg (Limited Edition MVP)! In addition, the winner gets free entry to Vapnartak 2014 in York!

2nd Prize – Official Mantic Dreadball trophy and James “The Vet” Syler (Limited Edition MVP).

3rd Prize – Official Mantic Dreadball trophy and Chris Nord (Limited Edition MVP).

Best Painted Team – Box art Lithoprint signed by Jake Thornton.

Most violent coach – Coach Renton and Orcy.

How awesome is all that? Not only all this but the first 8 people to buy their ticket get a funky prize as well, in the form of this guy:

Gabe MVP

Gabe MVP

As you may be able to tell I’ve already grabbed my ticket to make sure I could get one, as I don’t think they’ll stick around for very long. The event seems to be much the same as the tournament taking place at the Mantic open day which I’m hopefully going to be going along to, so should be good for getting into the swing of things :D. I’ve already started to prepare the Gamma Slammers to be a bit more presentable, which will include some extra pose players, a brnd spanking new pitch and maybe even a t-shirt for the coach :).