Dreadball – Zee Team Started!

Well, I couldn’t resist these cheeky wee monkeys :D. I’ve always been a fan of playing the ‘funny’ teams shall we say. I’m into gaming for the enjoyment, the story and the general banter that you get from it, not for the win or the competition. I think the Zee’s are going to be a great laugh to play with and lead to some very funny situations :). I’ve only got some base colours on the minis at present and here’s how they are looking…



I decided to go for a colour scheme I had used on my old Tyranids, Hive Fleet Urb-Nri, which as you may be able to tell (from the name or the colours) is based off of a famous Scottish beverage. As such the working name for these guys is currently the Irn Brusrz 🙂