Deadzone- Rebs Commander & Judwan Medic Finished!

With these 2 models done, that’s my Rebs strike force fully painted :), until the second survey gets sent out that is 😉

Alt-Commander-&-Medic1 Alt-Commander-&-Medic2There was only a couple of extra bits to add to these and I’ll go into a bit of detail as to how they were done:

Black Human Flesh: Basecoat of Doombull Brown followed by a light wash of Agrax Earthshade

Coat of 2:1 Doombull Brown and Ushabti Bone leaving the recesses the base colour

Highlight of 1:1 Doombull Brown and Ushabti Bone

Fine Highlight of 1:2 Doombull Brown and Ushabti Bone

Judwan Flesh: 2:1 mix of Mechanicus Standard Grey and Rakkarth Flesh followed by a light wash of Seraphim Sepia

Coat of 3:2 Mechanicus Standard Grey and Rakkarth Flesh leaving the recesses the base colour

Highlight of 2:1 Codex Grey and Rakkarth Flesh

Fine Highlight of 1:1 Fortress Grey and Rakkarth Flesh

Blue Sections (Supposed to represent the Energy Shields): Wash of 3:1 water and Lothern Blue about 1-2mm out from and over the ‘source’

Coat of Lothern Blue over the ‘source’

Coat of 2:1 Lothern Blue and Ceramite White leaving the edges the original colur

Final coat of 1:1 Lothern Blue and Ceramite White in the centre of the ‘source’

Scope lens and scanner screen: Basecoat of Caliban Green

Highlight of Snot green but keeping to the bottom and right

Fine Highlight of Moot Green again to the bottom and right

Final dot of 1:1 Moot Green and Ceramite White on the bottom right corner

In addition I also made up some extra cards for the ones I missed with the last batch…

Set-7 Set-8

As you may have noticed I also changed the colour of the text, after receiving some feedback, to a creamy colour so it should be easier to read.

As I’ve said that’s the Rebs done until the next survey is sent out at which point I’ll be getting 2 Striders, 3 Swordspawn as well as Eddak P’mera to bolster their numbers 😀

Deadzone – Rebs Reinforcements!

Managed to get a hold of some reinforcements for the Rebs earlier this week in the form of these folks…

New-RebsThis gives me a good amount of extra guys to be getting on with, and I can’t wait to try them out on the battlefield.

The first new addition was a converted commander…

Alt-Commander-1 Alt-Commander-2I made this guy out of the Dreadball Veteran MVP, to link in with the coach I made up for my Teraton team. It was a simple job just replacing both arms. One with a Forgefather hand I had kicking around, the other with a corporation trooper gun arm. The gun arm was further altered, so he would have his trusty sniper rifle, with some plastic tubing and one half of a pair of Forgefather goggles for the scope.

I’ll also have these guys to paint up 😀 …



Judwan Medic

Judwan Medic

TK-Zero Weapons Team

TK-Zero Weapons Team

Zee Scavengers

Zee Scavengers