Kings of War – Abyssal Dwarf Characters!

With having got into a lot of Mantics games I thought I’d have a wee splash into Kings of War. I stopped playing WFB when 8th ed came out, as me and my gaming buddies were not fans of the changes, and I haven’t played a fantasy game since. And since I haven’t been playing a fantasy game,  haven’t really painted any fantasy figures. Time to fix that…


After looking through the armies available it was between the Abyssal Dwarves and the Basileans, but the new gargoyles and golems pushed the Abyssal Dwarves into the lead. With an army in mind I picked up the 3 character box from my local retailer(£10 it cost me! £10 for 3 characters!!) and picked these two as the centre of my focus for now 🙂

I’ve decided to experiment a wee bit with some new basing techniques on these and some future models, with the focus being on building up some rock formations with some thin cork I’ve had lying around for a while.