Kings of War – Ogre Speed Painting Guide


Another article I realised I had not shared anything about was a guide I did, again for Tabletop Gaming Magazine, focussing on speed painting a Kings of War Ogre force. You can grab copy of the issue this guide was featured in here.

The guide primarily covers the speed painting of the main bulk of the force, but also goes into a more detailed process on the captain, a process that could easily be replicated across the whole force. This also gives a fantastic example of the two different levels of painting I tend to work towards when doing commissions. The captain shows off the more expensive but detailed approach, where as the rest of the force shows off the cheaper option.

Here’s some more images of the individual units…


May 2014 – A Month in Review

I’ve decided to post a wee gallery at the end of each month to show a roundup of the hobby prohjects I’ve completed in that time. This is so people will be able to get a look at everything in one place, but also to give me an idea of what I’m getting through. I’m also looking to try at least one new hobby method each month, such as the icicles I tried this month, to add to my hobby skills and hopefully this will encourage me a bit more.

So without further ado, here’s what I’ve done this month…

Kings of War – Abyssal Dwarf Characters Finished!

Cracked through these guys fairly quickly, as I found they really grabbed my enthusiasm 🙂

Continuing on with the basing experimentation I added some snow (which I’ve done a fair few times before), but decided to add something I’ve never tried; icicles! They were fairly time consuming to get done, but I’m really chuffed with how they turned out…

Abyssal1 Abyssal2 Abyssal3 Abyssal4

Kings of War – Abyssal Dwarf Characters!

With having got into a lot of Mantics games I thought I’d have a wee splash into Kings of War. I stopped playing WFB when 8th ed came out, as me and my gaming buddies were not fans of the changes, and I haven’t played a fantasy game since. And since I haven’t been playing a fantasy game,  haven’t really painted any fantasy figures. Time to fix that…


After looking through the armies available it was between the Abyssal Dwarves and the Basileans, but the new gargoyles and golems pushed the Abyssal Dwarves into the lead. With an army in mind I picked up the 3 character box from my local retailer(£10 it cost me! £10 for 3 characters!!) and picked these two as the centre of my focus for now 🙂

I’ve decided to experiment a wee bit with some new basing techniques on these and some future models, with the focus being on building up some rock formations with some thin cork I’ve had lying around for a while.