MCP – Asgardian Commission

I recently worked on a small commission for the Asgardians for Marvel Crisis Protocol.

It was really nice to jump back to some of the earliest models and have another bash at them. They were to be painted as my guides which gave me a bit of an advantage going in.

I noticed a change to my level of painting from the previous models. Progress is always really nice to see and who knows maybe I’ll give Thor another paint in a year’s time.

MCP – Loki & Hela Painting Guide

Welcome to my latest painting guide!

I need your support. Because my guides takes time and supplies to do, any support you can offer would mean the world to me. A supportive message in the comments is enough, but if you have the means why not send me a gift on Ko-Fi or PayPal. Thank you!

I did also add a touch of White Scar to the tips of the ice following this stage.

As usual I would love to hear what you think, what do you like about the guide and what could be improved?