Deadzone – Chovar Psychic!

One of my favorite models from the Deadzone range is the Chovar Psychic and I’ve just got round to getting mine all painted up…

Chovar-3 Chovar-2 Chovar-1

It really is a cracking mini and was a lot of fun to paint, ending up easier than I expected. Painting the tentacles separately from the body definitely made things a lot simpler and I would reccomend this to anyone tackling this chap in the future 🙂

Deadzone – Nastanza

Another cracking model in the Deadzone range, Nastanza, is now finished and ready to blow some heads clean off…

Nastanza1 Nastanza2

Took a wee bit of time to decide on a scheme for this one. I knew I didn’t want to go with the ‘official’ scheme, but really didn’t have a clue what to do. It was the backpack that did it for me, as it kinda looks like the tail-end of a wasp, I thought yellow and black could look pretty damn good 🙂