Tabletop Gaming – Super Fantasy Brawl Painting Guides

I completed these a few months ago for guides in Tabletop Gaming magazine. The first covering the core set characters and statues, and the second covering the Circle of Blood & Art of War expansions.

These guides can be found in Issue 54 and Issue 55.

I found the minis to be great quality and detail. Much bigger than the minis I normally paint, in fact towering over them. It might take longer, but I enjoyed having the space to play with.

Super Fantasy Brawl is an Arena combat game with champions from the fantasy world teleported through time to fight for the utopian futures enjoyment. Each model is an individual character which offers a varied and interesting line up and a plethora of painting opportunities.

I tried to stretch my boundaries with these, deciding to not use any metallics, instead going for a semi NMM. I’m really happy with what I pulled off and it emboldened me to try on it on future figures too. In fact, I’ve not used a metallic in a few months.

Take a look at the finished models…