Knight Models – Batman Crews!

I’ve painted a fair bit for the forces of good in the Batman Miniature Game now and wanted to show off some of the Crews I have put together.

First up the Bat Family…


and the GCPD…

Gotham-Cops-GroupThese two aren’t crews in their own rights, although the GCPD group could be. The plan was to make up a couple of crews from these two pools. Her’s what I came up with…


The first is a nice and simple Batman & Robin based crew, with as much GCPD back up as I could fit in and, because I adore the mini, Alfred is there to keep an eye on master Bruce.

The second crew I put together looks like this…


This one is based around the Robins; Nightwing, Red Hood and, well, Robin with some GCPD back up and again Alfred keeping an eye on things.

Both of these are standard tournament sized crews (350rep) as I like to make sure that’s what I’ve got to play with once I eventually get to playing the game. Although the first few times will be with a little bit less than this.

Knight Models – Batgirl & Nightwing

I’ve been getting a little painting in where I can on my collection of Batman miniatures and have changed my plans as to what I’ll be painting slightly. The place I go to get my Batman Miniatures Game fix on Facebook; Arkham City Limits, which has just become the official group for the game (meaning it is supported by Knight Models and has regular input from the folks behind the game), is running a painting competition :). The rules are simple; Paint up a new 350 rep force that has not been shown on the web before now. Perfect for me just starting out.

So along with the Bat Family I will be painting up a realised I would need some cops & swat to back em up, which have been ordered and should be with me soon 😀

In regards to the Bat Family I’ve now finished up Batgirl and Nightwing…

Batgirl-&-Nightwing Batgirl-1 Batgirl-2 Batgirl-3

Nightwing-1 Nightwing-2 Nightwing-3

There is a couple of things I want ot fix with these; Batgirl’s base needs a black rim and I would like to add the red down Nightwing’s back but other than that they are done :). I had more trouble with Batgirl than I thought I would and am not completely happy, but she’ll have to do. Nightwing on the other hand, I enjoyed a lot more than I thought I would, even though it’s quite a simple scheme.

Next up will be some cops to back these folks up 😀