Deadzone – Plague Booster!

So I have added a booster to my Plague force…IMG_9484

This will give them a wee bit extra oomphf, especially with a couple of Frag weapons in there:). I’ve painted them up to match the rest of the force, with the only real difference being the coats worn by one of the Mortar crew and the grenade launcher bloke. These I went with black on to stick with the theme and give them a trenchcoat feel. Here’s how they look now…

Reinforcements-1 Reinforcements-2

The only one of them still not done is the swarm. I don’t see myself using it anytime soon so I wasn’t in a rush to get it done, but I will eventually get it panted :). But for now that’s the Plague force complete. When it comes to models anyway. I’ve been getting quite into writing the fluff for these guys which I’ll show off soon, along with some pics of the whole force together 😀