MCP – Guardians of the Galaxy Commission

Another batch of Guardians and my 3rd Rocket and Groot!

It makes life a little bit sweeter when they’re to be painted the same as I’ve done before, as that means I have guides…

I really enjoyed every one, again. MCP models are so crisp, characterful and dynamic, they offer a really enjoyable paint no matter if you’ve painted them before.

Take a look at more pictures of this commission below, and if you would like me to paint some of your models get in touch.

MCP – Painting Guide Update

It’s been a while since I’ve posted but I’ve finally gotten off my posterior and put together some content. I think we can all agree it’s been a weird year and I’ve been lucky enough to be able to catch up on some painting.

I’m still working away on MCP figures and guides during our strange year, as well as articles for Tabletop Gaming Magazine.

My latest painting guides for the Black Order are up and you can find them below…

I’m working my way through the rest of my collection, up to the X-Men at the moment, and I’ll have guides up for a lot of those soon! Take a look at some of the ones I’ve finished…

Why not also take a look at the latest batch of MCP minies I painted up for a guide in this month’s TTG. It’s a few I’ve already done, but it was interesting to have another crack at them. Next time I’d love to try out some alt colour schemes.

MCP – Guardians of the Galaxy Complete!

Another team completed! Well, at least until Angela is released.

This was a really cool batch to paint, with a fairly diverse line up of characters. That’s what I love about painting Crisis protocol, every model is unique and a new challenge.

Find out how I painted them with the links below…


Groot & Rocket

Nebula & Gamora