Tabletop Gaming – Unfathomable Painting Guide

My most recent painting guide in Tabletop Gaming magazine covered the creatures of the deep from the board game Unfathomable. You can find the guide in Issue 65 of Tabletop Gaming magazine.

This one felt very similar to the Nemesis guide in that it had a variety of enemies painted in a very similar style, but without any hero models to go alongside them. I also love big gribblies, so the Mother and Father figure were a delight.

I opted for a purple to green tone to lean into the deep sea angle and keep them very similar to the art style of the game, and a red accent to the eyes to increase the sinister aspect.

Tabletop Gaming – Moonstone Painting Guide

My most recent painting guide in Tabletop Gaming magazine covered some goblins from the charming Moonstone. Find the guide in Issue 64 of Tabletop Gaming magazine.

This was a fun wee guide where I tried to push my NMM a little. Mostly the same tone of metal but I am really pleased with the results.

It’s something I’m likely to keep going with in the guides and pushing my own skills forward.

MCP – Heroes of the Core Set

My first foray into Marvel Crisis Protocol is painting the core set for Tabletop Gaming magazine. Split over 2 guides the first covers the heroes half of the set. You can buy the first guide here.

I really enjoyed painting these, as the larger scale(approx. 40mm) gives much more area than usual and this combined with some pretty impressive sculpts provides some awesome minis to paint.

I’ve also been really enjoying playing the game. It’s a great skirmish system with the added advantage that there are no real restrictions on who you use. Sure there are leadership abilities for building around a team, but you really can use whoever you want in your squad. I’ll be writing more in the future once I’ve had a chance to collect my thoughts a bit more.

Here’s my first five and the start of my Avengers…

Guildball Painting Guide!


So I have just recently finished painting up and putting together a painting guide for this group of misfits. Several players from the Guildball Union faction, that I have tried to paint to match the artwork found on the character cards.

Normally you would find said painting guide right here on the site, but this one is a wee bit different and will only be appearing in the pages of Tabletop Gaming Magazine!


So if you want to find out how I painting these chaps, and get a good read whilst your at it, you can order a copy here: Tabletop Gaming Magazine

I’d also recommend checking out their Facebook page to keep abreast of news of whats coming in the next issue.

I’ll be back soon with an update on what my painting and gaming habits have been like of late and working on another painting guide :), but before that check out some close ups of these Guildball mini’s…

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