Deadzone – Reb Zees Started!

I’ll be painting this second lot of Rebs up in batches like the last lot, and I thought I’d start out with the Zee’s, most the stages apply to all of the Reb models I’ve done in the past, bar any flesh…

Zees-2The armour is where I start on these guys, as it’s done the same way as the scenery was painted. As this can be a messy method best to get it in first so I don’t ruin what will follow 🙂

Zees-3Next up was the cloth, which I painted with the following from a black base:

Highlight of Mechanicus Standard Grey with a touch of Hawk Turquoise

Highlight of Codex Grey with a touch of Hawk Turquoise

Fine Highlight of Fortress Grey with a touch of Hawk Turquoise

Was of Nuln oil mixed with a bit of Lahmian Medium

Folling this I only applied the first few coats to some of the other areas

Flesh was a 2:1 mix of Mechanicus Standard Grey and Rakarth Flesh, followed by a light wash of Seraphim Sepia

Leather was a coat of Dryad Bark

On the red I laid down a basecoat of Khorne red

And finally the pistols were given a coat of Leadbelcher followed by a light Agrax Earthshade wash

And thats how they got to their current stage. Next up I’ll need to finalise the areas I’ve got a base down and then the bases, shouldn’t take too long on these little fellas 😀