Dreadball – Zee Team Finished!

My 5th Dreadball team, the Irn Bruisers, and their coach have now been finished and here they are:

Zees4 Zees5

I used the Gabe model for my coach, Mr. Barr, as I happen to have one spare who will eventually get done up for use as an MVP

Coach1 Coach2

As you can see I made up a logo for them imitating their inspration, the great drink that is Irn Bru. I also tried out some clear paints on the bases for something a bit different. I did this with a mix of the red and yellow from the Tamiya clear range. I’m pleased with the result and think it will be something I’ll do again in the future with some different colours 🙂

Next up will be some MVP’s 😀

Dreadball – Zee Team!

I’m back! After a wee break from hobby things in general I’ve jumped back in with getting some of the Dreadball stuff sitting about unpainted finished and the first thing I wanted to do was my Zee team, the Irn Bruisers!

Zees2 Zees3

If you’re at all familier with a certain Scottish soft drink you’ll know exactly where I got the inspiration for these guys 🙂

Deadzone – Rebs Zees Finished!

Another couple of additions to m Rebs force. Think these guys would come in handy in a campaign…


To Finish them off I needed to paint the flesh, leather and red bits, and here’s how I did those:

Flesh: The flesh was finished by adding a small amount of Rakkarth Flesh to Mechanicus standard Grey, and layering it on as it gets progressively lighter but using smaller amounts each time, focused on the edges.

Eyes: I started these off with a coat of Genestealer Purple

3:1 Genestealer Purple and Menoth White Highlight was added and painted on but leaving the edges of the eye the original colour

1:1 Genestealer Purple and Menoth White Highlight is added and painted only in the centre of the eyes

Leather: Over the Dryad Bark base I added two highlights

The first is 2:1 Dryad bark and Ushabti Bone

The second 1:1 Dryad bark and Ushabti Bone

Reds: Over the Khorne Red base:

Layer of Mephiston Red leaving the recesses the original colour

Highlight of Evil Sun Scarlet

Highlight of 1:1 Evil Sun Scarlet and Tau Light Ochre

and finally a wash of Bloodletter


The only other thing I had to paint was the base and here are the stages I went through:

A basecoat of Mechanicus Standard Grey over the whole thing

Drybrush of Codex Grey

Drybrush of Fortress Grey

Light Drybrush of Terminatus Stone

Wash of 5:1 water and Dryad Bark

And thats the basics of how I’ve painted my Rebs. The only bits that tend to differ are the flesh as they’re otherwise quite uniformed. But I’m planning on covering some other species once I get them done 🙂

Dreadball – Zee Team Started!

Well, I couldn’t resist these cheeky wee monkeys :D. I’ve always been a fan of playing the ‘funny’ teams shall we say. I’m into gaming for the enjoyment, the story and the general banter that you get from it, not for the win or the competition. I think the Zee’s are going to be a great laugh to play with and lead to some very funny situations :). I’ve only got some base colours on the minis at present and here’s how they are looking…



I decided to go for a colour scheme I had used on my old Tyranids, Hive Fleet Urb-Nri, which as you may be able to tell (from the name or the colours) is based off of a famous Scottish beverage. As such the working name for these guys is currently the Irn Brusrz 🙂