Dreadball – A’teo Adysi MVP!

Another mini I’ve been looking forward to painting for a while is the Azure Forest MVP, A’teo Adysi, and I’m very pleased with how things went…

A'teo-Adysi-1 A'teo-Adysi-2

Inspiration hit when it came to the threat markings and I think it adds a wee bit more character to the mini, although I did realise after finishing it up that he has 360 vision which really means it should go all the way round the base 😦

Dreadball – Zee Team Finished!

My 5th Dreadball team, the Irn Bruisers, and their coach have now been finished and here they are:

Zees4 Zees5

I used the Gabe model for my coach, Mr. Barr, as I happen to have one spare who will eventually get done up for use as an MVP

Coach1 Coach2

As you can see I made up a logo for them imitating their inspration, the great drink that is Irn Bru. I also tried out some clear paints on the bases for something a bit different. I did this with a mix of the red and yellow from the Tamiya clear range. I’m pleased with the result and think it will be something I’ll do again in the future with some different colours 🙂

Next up will be some MVP’s 😀

Dreadball – Zee Team!

I’m back! After a wee break from hobby things in general I’ve jumped back in with getting some of the Dreadball stuff sitting about unpainted finished and the first thing I wanted to do was my Zee team, the Irn Bruisers!

Zees2 Zees3

If you’re at all familier with a certain Scottish soft drink you’ll know exactly where I got the inspiration for these guys 🙂

Dreadball – Veer-myn Numbering!

The final stage for the Veer-myn was adding the numbering, neither me or the client had a good idea as to where we were gonna go with this so I set out to test out a couple of things…

Jpeg Jpeg Jpeg

The first 3 I tried out, from top to bottom, where a simple scratched on number over the base grey using a deep brown for the number, a white number over the orange used on the shoulder pads and finally the same as the top but with silver inside the scratches. The top one seemed to be the favorite of both me and the client, but it needed something more…

Jpeg Jpeg

At the clients request I tried it out with an orange stripe on a white background, and the same stripe on the original grey background. The client preffered the look of the whte background, so that’s what I went with…

StrikersB StrikersA Guards

The only one done any differently was Reek Rolat, who had the grey background, to tie in with his shoulder guards…

Reek-RolatUnfortuanatley the client still wasn’t keen on them, and decided he would like to have the transfers on them instead. So off to the local shop I went and picked some up 🙂

Here’s how the finished product looks…

Numbers Numbers2 Numbers3 Numbers4

Had to re-jig some of the numbers, as there wasn’t enough on the trasfer sheets. But got there in the end 🙂

Dreadball – Skittersneak Stealers Commission Progress!

Painting has begun on my latest commission, a team of Veer-myn. So far I’ve got them undercoated and started wok on the armour. Here’s how they look so far…

Stealers-2 StrikersA-1 StrikersB-1 Guards-1

I have noticed a fair amount of mold lines, especially with the hep of these pictures, so the next stage is to go back and get them cleaned off(Restik can be such a pain :/). Luckily the vast majority are on areas that have yet to have any paint applied, which makes things much simpler. Following that I’ll be looking to get some basecoats down on all of the other colours after adding a bit of shading to the armour 🙂

Dreadball – Veer-myn Commission!

I’ve got a new commission kicking off this week, a Veer-myn team for Dreadball…


In addition to the standard team box the client is also after a Reek Rolat, who is one beast of a rat…

ReekThese guys will be getting done up in the Skittersneak Stealers colours, which will be interesting for me as it’s been a while since I’ve done an ‘official’ colour scheme. Looking forward to it though 🙂