MCP – Guardians of the Galaxy Commission

Another batch of Guardians and my 3rd Rocket and Groot!

It makes life a little bit sweeter when they’re to be painted the same as I’ve done before, as that means I have guides…

I really enjoyed every one, again. MCP models are so crisp, characterful and dynamic, they offer a really enjoyable paint no matter if you’ve painted them before.

Take a look at more pictures of this commission below, and if you would like me to paint some of your models get in touch.

MCP – Asgardian Commission

I recently worked on a small commission for the Asgardians for Marvel Crisis Protocol.

It was really nice to jump back to some of the earliest models and have another bash at them. They were to be painted as my guides which gave me a bit of an advantage going in.

I noticed a change to my level of painting from the previous models. Progress is always really nice to see and who knows maybe I’ll give Thor another paint in a year’s time.

Guild Ball Alchemist Commission in Progress

I’ve recently been painting up a Guild Ball Alchemists team for a client and thought I would show off a little of the progress.

The job called for the painting of Midas, Compound, Vitriol, Flask, Mercury, Calculus, a ball, the scatchbuilding of a themed goal and some scenery crates to go alongside the team. So far I have been focusing on the models and here’s how they are looking so far…


As you can see I have most of the miniatures completed aside from adding the few finishing touches to the bases. I have to say that Steamforged Games have done a fantastic job on these minis. Each one is packed with character, and so many little details that not only bring them to life but also make them a joy to paint. Really looking forward to painting more of their stuff.

I also have done the crates, which I’m very pleased with….


Next up is giving them a varnish, finishing the bases and then onto a themed goal 🙂

Dreadball – Skittersneak Stealers Commission Progress!

Painting has begun on my latest commission, a team of Veer-myn. So far I’ve got them undercoated and started wok on the armour. Here’s how they look so far…

Stealers-2 StrikersA-1 StrikersB-1 Guards-1

I have noticed a fair amount of mold lines, especially with the hep of these pictures, so the next stage is to go back and get them cleaned off(Restik can be such a pain :/). Luckily the vast majority are on areas that have yet to have any paint applied, which makes things much simpler. Following that I’ll be looking to get some basecoats down on all of the other colours after adding a bit of shading to the armour 🙂

Dreadball – Veer-myn Commission!

I’ve got a new commission kicking off this week, a Veer-myn team for Dreadball…


In addition to the standard team box the client is also after a Reek Rolat, who is one beast of a rat…

ReekThese guys will be getting done up in the Skittersneak Stealers colours, which will be interesting for me as it’s been a while since I’ve done an ‘official’ colour scheme. Looking forward to it though 🙂

Dreadball – Commission Extras!

As part of the Marauder commission the client was also looking to have the Refbot and 2 balls painted. The Refbot ended up very similar to my own one, which in itself is very similar to the official scheme…

Ref & Balls

Ref & Balls

The balls I decided to do as one as close to the official scheme as possible, but have the other one as a team ball. I think this will work really well when combined with their own pitch to give a cohesive look to the whole thing 😀