Dreadball – Commission Extras!

As part of the Marauder commission the client was also looking to have the Refbot and 2 balls painted. The Refbot ended up very similar to my own one, which in itself is very similar to the official scheme…

Ref & Balls

Ref & Balls

The balls I decided to do as one as close to the official scheme as possible, but have the other one as a team ball. I think this will work really well when combined with their own pitch to give a cohesive look to the whole thing 😀

2 thoughts on “Dreadball – Commission Extras!

  1. The ref and the balls are used more than any other miniatures. They should be the first thing that any player paints I reckon. Im glad that your client has his priorities right 🙂

    Great work, I love the check trim on the bots hips and shoulders.

    • Thanks shoe3box :D. In total agreement, my ref has been used so much the paint began to wear off in some dodgy places, hadn’t noticed it till the wife asked in confusion “did you paint nipples on this!”

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