Dreadball League!

League! Wooooooooo!

As you may have guessed we kicked off the local Dreadball league this weekend, and the Gamma Slammers made a damn good start. We have a fair amounts of the same team in the league, with the line up looking a little like this:

Gamma Slammers(obviously) – Marauders

The Thorsson Hammerers – Forgefathers

The Playa H8ters – Veer-myn

The Boner Corp – Corporation

Decepticons – Robots

Brigadoom – Marauders

The Bronze Warriors – Forgefathers

??? – Robots (I unfortunately forgot to get the name of this team)

I managed to get the two games. The first was against the hammerers, and they had me on the ropes for the first half of the game with the score swinging back and forth. That is until the Orx got warmed up, causing several injuries and 2 deaths(Bwahahaha :P) by the end of the game. This left my jacks the freedom to run around and get the score back on my side, ending the match at 3-0. Because of their superb performance two of the guards went up to rank two, gaining one 360 vision and the other stretch. Not a bad start 😀

The second game was against the Decepticons and my first time up against the robots. To be honest it was much the same as the first one but the Orx didn’t need to limber up first and by the end had cleared the pitch of opposing players and causing another 2 deaths. As much as I enjoy the killing and maiming, it didn’t feel too good killing 2 from a starting team of 6 :(. Although it did allow another 2 of my guards to rank up giving another 360 vision and changing another who already had 360 vision into a keeper. A jack also got a boost and gained a bonus to his skill 🙂

And this is how the team looks now:

Gamma Slammers Roster

Gamma Slammers Roster

You can find the roster template I used here: http://thepaintingmonkey.wordpress.com/dreadball-roster-creator/. Fantastic job this guy has done 😀

Before the next set of league games I’m planning on painting threat zone markings fully round the bases on the Orx with 360 vision(I know I’ll forgot the ability if I don’t), but am still working away on the robot team and have managed to get the majority of them up to the finished armour colour, other than a little cleaning up here and there. I’m gonna have a wee chat with the client before I go onto anything else, as I have a few ideas floating about but more on that later. In the meantime, look, robots:

Chromium Chargers WIP

Chromium Chargers WIP