Dungeon Saga – Last Few Hours!

It’s been a crazy time since I last posted about the Kickstarter only 48 hours ago. Stretch goal after stretch goal has been absolutely smashed and another $200,000 has been raised. All in two days!

Take a look at all the great stuff that has been unlocked and, if your sitting on the fence, hopefully this will sway you (you only have a few hours to go)…

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That’s a lot of cool stuff. We also finally managed to unlock something people seem to be foaming at the bit for, the simple door…





And one of my favorites is some kind of giant Abyssal beasty which will come in something similar to one of these concept designs :)…




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There has also been a couple of great articles over on the games designers, Jake Thornton, blog. These delve into what else will be in the game including hero advancement, downtime between dungeons etc. Check ’em out…

Getting Along Famously

What’s The Difference Between Core And Advanced DS?

Hero Experience In Dungeon Sagas

Dungeon Saga Downtime

Build Your Own Heroes


And if that doesn’t get you hooked on this great project and running here to pledge, I really don’t know what will.

Dungeon Saga – Only 60 Hours To Go!


That’s right, there is now only 60 hours left to grab yourself an amazing deal, a whole host of figures and a plethora of Kickstarter exclusives in what has shaped up to be one of Mantic Games best Kickstarters to date!

I’ve already pledged for the game, and to be fairly honest I don’t see why you wouldn’t want to. For $100 (approx £65) you get all of the following…

pledge box

Value for money? Hell yes! Even if you are sitting thinking ‘I’ll just pick it up at when it hits retail’, you’d be paying out £50 or so, and only getting about 50% of the models that you see above, and that doesn’t even touch on the exclusives and add-ons!

So far I’ve been incredibly impressed with the add-ons and stretch goals, but there are a few that have really caught my eye. The two expansions for a start, the first the Warlord of Galahir adds an entire new story to your quest and lets you use the fantastic Kapoka dryad character you get in your basic pledge…


The second, my favorite by far, is the Infernal Crypt, adding in a whole host of fantastic Abyssal models. These have been in the background for Kings of War and Mantica in general for years, but this is the first chance to find out anything really solid about them and get a great look at their appearance. And boy do they look fantastic…


I’ve always had a bit of a thing for evil fantasy armies, so these guys really float my boat (in a lake of fiery blood, obviously). There’s even a wee bit more to come for the Abbysals in the form of a creature to lead the forces you get in the expansion, but that requires some more pledging from all you lovely people out there. Hint, hint 😉

One of the most recent stretch goals to be unlocked was for this tome…


And I was surprised to say this is the one I’m most looking forward to. Just take a look at what it will contain…

– Write an in-depth background section describing the Mantica setting and the races that inhabit it.

– Add a comprehensive system for building your own heroes and villains.

– Add a character pad for keeping track of your newly-designed heroes on the tabletop.

– Boost your bonus cards and counters to include new equipment and spells.

That’s gonna extend the life of the game extensively, hopefully making it a lot more RPGish whilst it’s at it, whilst also expanding on the lore and background for the Mantica universe. This thing is really building up Mantics fantasy setting to a massive degree, very similar to how Deadzone has been doing the same thing for the Warpath universe.

Finally I wanted to touch on the legendary characters. These will be the ultimate bad ass version of the characters you get in the basic pledge, with the best armour, weapons and equipment, and I hate to sound like I’m repeating myself, but they look damn good…

2f649918798b123ca54144095bf253d1_large 6a8366b1b4f79842eb821816a6ceb5c1_large

So, really, what are you waiting for? Get over here and jump on board! The more of you that do, the more likely I get some more free toys as well 😀

Dungeon Saga – Dwarf Kings Quest

Mantic Games are currently working on their latest Kickstarter for Dungeon Saga: Dwarf King’s Quest and it’s already a record breaker. It managed to reach it’s funding goal in just 4 minutes! That’s right 4 minutes! Wow! So let’s take a look with whats been happening and all of the reasons I’ve pledged towards this already fantastic looking game 😀


It centres around the classic struggle between a party of heroes and the forces of darkness, represented by the Undead. One player takes on the mantle of the Necromancer and controls his evil host, whilst up to four other players can lead the mighty heroes on their adventure.


The game contains coloured plastic miniatures and full colour, modular dungeon tiles ready to use right out of the box. No assembly is required.

Whether you’re a veteran of the dungeon genre or you’re simply looking for a great game to play with the kids, Dungeon Saga has something for everyone!

This Kickstarters very unique in that there is only a couple of options for pledge levels; $1 for those looking to back, but can’t afford the whole shebang and $100 to get the game and all of the extra stretch goal goodness that has already been unlocked. Take a look at what you currently get for that price…

dungeonmaster updated

Worth $100? Definitely. Without a doubt this is already looking like incredible value for money, with a great amount of miniatures, extras and Kickstarter exclusives. It looks like just this will keep you going with the game for a good amount of time.
Let’s take a look at the current stretch goal and some of my favorites already locked in….

55a239272bda87d98bce10d4a7d7e4e6_large cbbca5f9e403ea15c7247f7777a3ef61_large

That’s some very cool plastic terrain for the game which reminds me in a very nostalgic way of Heroquest and the terrain that came with that (in fact the whole thing reminds me of Heroquest, which is no bad thing :))


My favorite of the unlocks so far has to be Blaine! A regular of every Mantic Kickstarter so far, it was amazing to see him in a Fantasy game and if the concept art is anything to go by this will be one cracking model!


Resin version of all the main heroes will be available to add on to your pledge, but their also doing the Legendary versions. These will be for when your heroes have advanced through the story and gained items and abilities that make them so much more special. It’s great to see that this can be represented on the figure and not just the stat cards 🙂


The first part of the first expansion being made as part of the Kickstarter was this great hero, a shapeshifting Dryad. Another great piece of concept art that gets me reallt excited for the miniature but also a great sneak peak at what could be done for the nature force for Kings of War!


Also unlocked is the first expansion, Warlord of Galahir, introducing some greenskins to the game.

As you can see thats a fair amount of great stuff and I have’nt even showed you all of it! Head over to the Kcikstarter page and take a look for yourself; https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1744629938/dungeon-saga-the-dwarf-kings-quest

You can also check out a couple of videos, a couple of which are from a seminar held here in Edinburgh that I went along to with none other than Ronnie Renton…

There’s also a couple of competitions going on at the moment, both of which give you the opportunity to win a pledge in the current Kickstarter, or 5 copies of the retail copy of the game. The first you can find on Deathwatch Studios Facebook Page and the second being run by Board Game Geek, so get over to both of these pages (they are separate competitions so make sure you enter both) and hopefully you win the awesome prize. Best of luck folks 😀

I really hope you will come along and pledge for this great game, not only because it will hopefully net me some more shiny toys, but because it looks like it will be an awesome game. If you’re new to Kickstarter you can check out our Guide to Pledging, Stretch Goals and Add-ons here. Mantic will of course be on hand to answer any questions you might have!

Please pledge your support and spread the word – we appreciate your support!

Dreadball – Playing Xtreme!


Dreadball Xtreme is the brand new game, currently active on Kickstarter, from Mantic Games. If you’ve been living under a rock for the last couple of weeks you may not have heard anything about it, and I suggest you head over to the Kickstarter page immediately! For the rest of us there has been a plethora of new information, images, videos and hearsay covering the internet on this new underground sport as each stretch goal is smashed out of the park. One of the most recent of these updates was the introduction of the beta rules, as well as a way to create a simple pitch and some nasty surprise cards to go with it(Which you can find here). I was Xtremely excited (sorry couldn’t resist) about these as it gave me an opportunity to see what this was like and if it meant my blind pledge at the very start of the campaign would pay off. Yes, is the simple answer, oh god yes. If I could afford to pledge more, I most certainly would be. This is everything I love about Dreadball with some more death and mayhem thrown in :D, which I’ll tell you about now…

Xtreme1The first thing you’ll notice is the pitch is surprisingly cluttered with various objects (those are not Bolt Action dice, they are pillars. Use your imagination folks :P). The tall ones are solid objects, probably holding up the roof and don’t get moved, destroyed or blown up throughout the game. The little ones however are packed full of explosives. Move adjacent to them and you’re likely to have your limbs taken home by the crowd as souvenirs. Unfortunately, as you can see in the image, there is no way to get to the opponent or your their strike zones without risking a little dismemberment! For the beta rules finding out what happens with each crate is no more than a dice roll, but it seems in the full game the crates will have a removable lid to let you know if you need a body bag or not. It’s a nice little touch :).

Xtreme2The mechanics of the game work much the same as regular DB but with a few subtle and not so subtle changes to make things more interesting (By interesting I mean violent. Horribly, horribly violent). As usual Guards can slam but can’t handle the ball, Jacks can do both and Strikers handle the ball but are unable to slam. Dice mechanics tend to work the same, with all tests starting on 3 dice with + or – depending on situation. The rushes work much the same with 14 total, alternating between players with the same rules for turnovers and the like, and a score track seesawing between each player. The main notable differences me and my opponent found are:

  • You only get 4 action tokens per rush, instead of 5
  • The ball launch is completely different. With it dropping onto one of the numbered hexes you can see and scattering from there
  • Sucker punches can be done anytime, there’s no ref after all, and Stomps are now included in the slam rules. So a full run up before a Guard elbow drops the player struggling on the floor 🙂
  • There is no sin bin/recovery area. You get injured you stay on the pitch and can’t get up until you pass recovery rolls. Or die
  • Fan checks are handled very differently. You roll a dice for each cheer you’ve obtained, for each 4+ you roll you get to choose a special move or nasty surprise card or a coaching dice
  • Nasty surprise cards. These give the opportunity for a offensive or defensive ability to be used once. Most of the defensive letting you stop an opponents offensive, and most of the offensive making it so much easier to take someones head clean off 🙂
  • Sponsors. So far they can either give you a coaching dice for use in your rush, or can nobble an opponent making them lose a dice from all rolls. There will be the third option of betting, but that’s not included yet. Colour me intrigued though.
  • Armour saves now do not include any bonuses (so no extra dice for your Guards)and vary widely between players (no regulation armour here)
  • You don’t have to try and catch the ball if it scatters onto one of your players. So you can avoid the turnover if you fail, but you will give your opponent a fan check
  • Subs. Jacks can move onto the pitch any time. Guards and Strikers have to be moved on as your first action of the rush. But the entry point is now anywhere along your edge of the board
  • Cards. With two available you can still buy them in your rush, but a maximum of 2 of either is set for everybody
  • Sudden death. Means what it says on the tin now. Strikers are removed from the board, and the first team to kill or injure the opposing players win!
  • Pitch layout. There is talk of there being 6 different layouts in the first book, which means a lot more variety to games
  • Scoring. You can dunk if your adjacent to the strike hex. No dice required for 1 point. 2 points from anywhere else, and 3 points from the opposite end

It’s a lot to take on board at first but it really did make for an entertaining game. There did seem to be more of an emphasis on killing than anything else, as evidenced by the dead pile halfway through the game…

Xtreme3There were even a couple of players bleeding out on the pitch…

Xtreme4The ones with the D8s (a good way to keep track of injuries for now) are injured.

We only played with the Convict Scum for this game, as we felt it was better to use the same to get used to that set of rules, rather than add in another set of new stuff :). They have a nice mix of players, with a good mix of abilities. And explosive collars!

These can be set off once per rush but at the cost of 3mc. My opponent gave it a go, trying to bomb two of my players. Luckily for me they dodged the shrapnel and bodyparts, but I can see these being really useful. An injured player surrounded by enemies for instance, he can take one for the team :).

The Guards are great with a 3+ strength and threatening. Jacks are average to be honest, with the strikers being about the same, just with some bonus dice to help ’em out in most situations. And the final player is the Yndij reaver, who with duck & weave and 360 vision makes a pretty damn good striker. All in all a very well rounded team.

Overall I found it to be a damn entertaining game and I might even go so far as to say I enjoyed it more than normal DB. I like the gritty fight to the death feel it has, and the violence, oh the violence. With 7 deaths total in the game and a couple of injured players still lying on the pitch, you an look forward to some really bloody matches. With it not even being the full rules yet I can see even more being added and some things tweaked to make it even better. Only have to wait until November to get the full product 😦 and that’s with pledging on the Kickstarter, it may be even longer for the retail release. So if your keen I would recommend pledging now(this also helps unlock more toys for me :D) or if your not sure get your own printout of the board and cards and give it a go 🙂

And finally if you want to read some more on Xtreme, here’s some links to some great articles from Jake Thornton’s blog: