Dungeon Saga – Dwarf Kings Quest

Mantic Games are currently working on their latest Kickstarter for Dungeon Saga: Dwarf King’s Quest and it’s already a record breaker. It managed to reach it’s funding goal in just 4 minutes! That’s right 4 minutes! Wow! So let’s take a look with whats been happening and all of the reasons I’ve pledged towards this already fantastic looking game 😀


It centres around the classic struggle between a party of heroes and the forces of darkness, represented by the Undead. One player takes on the mantle of the Necromancer and controls his evil host, whilst up to four other players can lead the mighty heroes on their adventure.


The game contains coloured plastic miniatures and full colour, modular dungeon tiles ready to use right out of the box. No assembly is required.

Whether you’re a veteran of the dungeon genre or you’re simply looking for a great game to play with the kids, Dungeon Saga has something for everyone!

This Kickstarters very unique in that there is only a couple of options for pledge levels; $1 for those looking to back, but can’t afford the whole shebang and $100 to get the game and all of the extra stretch goal goodness that has already been unlocked. Take a look at what you currently get for that price…

dungeonmaster updated

Worth $100? Definitely. Without a doubt this is already looking like incredible value for money, with a great amount of miniatures, extras and Kickstarter exclusives. It looks like just this will keep you going with the game for a good amount of time.
Let’s take a look at the current stretch goal and some of my favorites already locked in….

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That’s some very cool plastic terrain for the game which reminds me in a very nostalgic way of Heroquest and the terrain that came with that (in fact the whole thing reminds me of Heroquest, which is no bad thing :))


My favorite of the unlocks so far has to be Blaine! A regular of every Mantic Kickstarter so far, it was amazing to see him in a Fantasy game and if the concept art is anything to go by this will be one cracking model!


Resin version of all the main heroes will be available to add on to your pledge, but their also doing the Legendary versions. These will be for when your heroes have advanced through the story and gained items and abilities that make them so much more special. It’s great to see that this can be represented on the figure and not just the stat cards 🙂


The first part of the first expansion being made as part of the Kickstarter was this great hero, a shapeshifting Dryad. Another great piece of concept art that gets me reallt excited for the miniature but also a great sneak peak at what could be done for the nature force for Kings of War!


Also unlocked is the first expansion, Warlord of Galahir, introducing some greenskins to the game.

As you can see thats a fair amount of great stuff and I have’nt even showed you all of it! Head over to the Kcikstarter page and take a look for yourself; https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1744629938/dungeon-saga-the-dwarf-kings-quest

You can also check out a couple of videos, a couple of which are from a seminar held here in Edinburgh that I went along to with none other than Ronnie Renton…

There’s also a couple of competitions going on at the moment, both of which give you the opportunity to win a pledge in the current Kickstarter, or 5 copies of the retail copy of the game. The first you can find on Deathwatch Studios Facebook Page and the second being run by Board Game Geek, so get over to both of these pages (they are separate competitions so make sure you enter both) and hopefully you win the awesome prize. Best of luck folks 😀

I really hope you will come along and pledge for this great game, not only because it will hopefully net me some more shiny toys, but because it looks like it will be an awesome game. If you’re new to Kickstarter you can check out our Guide to Pledging, Stretch Goals and Add-ons here. Mantic will of course be on hand to answer any questions you might have!

Please pledge your support and spread the word – we appreciate your support!

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