Warhammer 40k – Inquisitor Lorr Finished!

Gideon Lorr is finished, kind of. There’s still a few bits and bobs I’d like to add to him, but I’m away for the next two weeks so it will have to wait until I’m back :). Here’s how he looks…

Group2 Lor6 Lor7 Servo3 Servo4


Warhammer 40k – More Inquisition!

After cracking through the Inquisitor commission, and the Eisenhorn/Ravenor books I’ve still got the bug for painting up a few more of these bad boys 🙂

Since I won’t be using them in games I decided to work towards something that I could sell on, once they are done, so went with the current cheese of an Inquisitor and 3 servo skulls!

Group1 Lor1 Lor2 ServoA1 ServoA2 ServoB1 ServoB2 ServoC1 ServoC2

Gideon Lorr is one of those models I’ve always loved, even if he is just a slightly different sculpt to the witchhunter I’ve just finished, so decided he would be a good place to start 🙂