Dreadball – Hazard Stripe Threat Markings


Been asked by a few folk how the threat markings on the Gamma Slammers was achieved and felt the easiest way to show people would be to put together a wee tutorial.

So first up here’s the supplies I used:

Clear Hex, Chaos Black, Mechanicus Standard Grey,   Codex Grey, Tau Light Ochre, Yriel Yellow & Skull White
Clear Hex, Chaos Black, Mechanicus Standard Grey, Codex Grey, Tau Light Ochre, Yriel Yellow & Skull White

Before I continue I will state I use a wet pallet, which means if you don’t I’d recommend watering down the colours slightly during each step. Anyway onto the first coat, which is just staright black over the threat area. You may need a couple of coats to get a flat black.


The next stage is adding the base of the stripes. I do this by eye, which can leave them a little uneven in places, but there are many masking tapes out there that would be perfect for getting it just right. I used Tau Light Ochre to paint three stripes on each hex facing(again, a couple of coats may be needed)…


It’s then on to some highlighting. I painted Yriel yellow onto the right(as you’re looking at the hex) and top of each of the lines leaving a little of the base colour showing through on the bottom left corner.


Following this I mixed a wee bit of white into the yellow and added another small highlight in the right top corner of each stripe…

JpegWith that the yellow is done. Now is a good time to go back with the black and clean up any slippages or uneven lines. Then its a similar method to highlight the black. A line of Mechanicum Standard Grey was painted down the right and along the top of each of the black lines…


And to finish it off a wee bit of Codex Grey was painted in the top right corner…


And there you have it. That’s how I painted the threat markings for the Slammers 😀

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