Feeding Frenzy

Heres a fantastic battle report from the group of mates I game with, of an epic story driven, multi-player, 40k mega battle. Makes for excellent reading 😀

Dice Before Dishonour


My mate made the following scenario for a 6 player 4500 point a side battle. Each side would comprise of 3 1500 point armies with normal force restrictions chosen from Codex Dark Angels and Codex Tyranids respectively.

DISCLAIMER: The Following battle report contains some text written in Scots dialect. Whenever I have felt a translation is needed I have inserted one in brackets.  This is my first attempt at writing a battle report so be gentle.

I chose my standard Ravenwing list with the following concessions to my Tyranid opponent. Firstly I took out the Dark Shroud. I knew there was going to be significantly less shooting coming my way and so taking an expensive Land Speeder with no fire power seemed redundant. Replacing the Dark Shroud in that precious FA slot I took a squadron of 3 Land Speeder Typhoons. These are great in any situation but particularly against…

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