Imperial Assault – Han Solo!

The infamous smuggler, scoundrel and scruffy looking nerf herder has joined the group of painted models for my Imperial Assault games. I’ve been looking forward to this one, and he certainly didn’t let me down…


I’m really loving the quality of the FFG plastic miniatures, and am finding the level of detail quite pleasing. Whilst for the most part they are just high end board game pieces comparable with the low end of your normal tabletop gaming miniatures, they do the job well for a fairly low cost. In addition they’ve also captured the essence of most of the characters quite well, which I think is something very important when it comes to something as beloved as Star Wars.


Star Wars Armada – Imperial Wave IV


I’ve just finished adding the last few touches to my wave IV(technically wave III & IV) reinforcements and added even more firepower to my Armada force.

I’ve only played a few games with each of the ships so far and I love how they work. Nothing has the sheer firepower of an ISD, so doesn’t make quite as big of a splash as when that was released, instead being a bit more subtle in the way that they change the shape of play.


The Interdictor, on the face of it, comes across as a slightly weaker VSD that moves a touch better and costs more. Doesn’t really seem worth it. But where it really shines is in it’s upgrades and it’s sheer survivability. The ship adds a new upgrade slot, the ‘Experimental Retrofit’ slot and in it you can add lots of gravity manipulating shenanigans.


Whilst I won’t go into a huge amount of detail on it, I will say that I love this ship. It adds enough to the game to change up gameplay and fleet building tactics to a good degree, without making it feel overpowered. It was also a lot of fun to paint the addition of the grave well generators and central trench are nice ways to break up the classic grey space triangle look.


The Gozantis are another great addition to the game and, like the Interdictor, don’t really look all that special on the face of things. Whilst they are weak, they are also cheap and disposable and above all else a really easy way to add more activations to your fleet. Just that will make them worth their points. Throw in another new upgrade slot type ‘Fleet Support’, which as the name may suggests makes the Gozantis more of a support unit, and you have another great addition to the game that changes everything in one hell of a good way.

I wanted o paint these up so that they each had squad markings an keep the red stripe theme going across all my ships. Here’s a closer look at each of the squads…


Star Wars – Imperial Assault Skirmish Force!


Here’s a look at the skirmish force I’ve used in the last couple of tournaments in my area. Managed to win a store championship with them, which I was very pleased with, although there was only 3 of us playing. Then not so good in my next tournament, coming 3rd out of 4. Did well in the games against people I had not played before, and terribly against a chap who I played with in the store champs. The list is strong in focus tokens, as well as relying on Leia for fire support, as well as getting some valuable command cards back in play, particularly ‘Reinforcements’. My opponent in that last game was well aware of this and with surgical precision took out Leia, Gideon and Mak within the first 2 turns leaving my force woefully ill equipped to handle his horde of Stormtroopers. I may need to mix things up a bit for next time ;).

I’ve really enjoyed painting these models, whilst not the usual crisp details I like from my mini’s they are Star Wars. And I love me some Star Wars. Everything is painted in the ‘stock’ colour scheme other than Gideon. I wanted him to look like he was in charge of the troopers, so tried to stick as close to their scheme as possible. I also decided to add a good way to differentiate the two Rebel Trooper squads and found some fantastic paint masks from Protect Models to do the job…


They’re really easy to use, just stick on, paint, and peel off, and I think they look really great. They do symbols for all the factions in a range of different sizes, so I think it likely I’ll do the same once more get’s painted or I switch to a different faction.

To finish off, here’s some more pictures of the squad…

Beyond the Gates of Antares – Concord Strike Force


A few months ago I painted up this Concord force to be used in a painting guide for Tabletop Gaming magazine and only just realised I’ve not shown off the finished models on here yet. Oops!

If you’re interested in getting a hold of a copy of the guide you can purchase the back issue here. In the meantime take a look at a few more image of the force…


Joker Crew Commission Complete!


I have to admit, this crew was a lot more fun to paint than a lot of the Batman forces I have done before it, and I will be a little bit sad to see them head off to their owner :-P. The reason they were so much fun was primarily because there was a lot more freedom involved in what colours to use, where they were applied, and the bases turned out to be something quite different from what I have done before. Also worth a mention is how great the models are, whilst largely a pain to put together(large gaps, excessive mold lines etc) the character imbued into each mini is superb and you really do feel that each one is an individual.

As you’ll be aware from my previous posts the main job to get this commission complete was to finish off the Circus Clowns, the Joker and a few wee bits on Harley Quinn. So let’s start of by taking a look at the Clown Prince of Crime himself….

Joker-1 Joker-2 Joker-3

I found the face difficult on this one, constantly having to go back and adjust it a tiny wee bit at a time so as to get the look of the character just right. I think it ended up looking pretty good, even if I do say so myself. I also had a happy accident with this figure. Whilst constructing it ended up with one foot being slightly bent forward, meaning when the other was put flat on the base the other was outstretched in front, giving the look of the Joker almost sauntering forward dramatically.

Next up is the Circus Clowns…

Circus-Clowns-1 Circus-Clowns-2

It was fairly simple to get these guys finished off, from were I left them last time, just a few details here in there.

And finally here’s Harley Quinn…

Harley-Quinn-3 Harley-Quinn-4

Another cracker of a model, whilst it does have some rather small joining points for construction, the details are superb and it captures the Arkham City version of Harley Quinn perfectly.

And in case you missed them, here’s the rest of the crew…

Clowns-1 Clowns-2 Clowns-3 Clowns-4

Knight Models – Joker Crew Commission Continues!

Been working hard on the Joker crew commission, which has been a great amount of fun. Doing something fairly unique and drastically different from the studio paint job has been an interesting and enjoyable experience, and allowed me to flex my painting muscles more than with any of the other Knight Models stuff so far.

As I stated earlier in the week my focus was going to be on detailing the clown goons. Adding some colour to the straps, weapons, bandages and painting on some tattoos. I also got cracking on getting the bases sorted. Here’s how they look now…

Clowns-1 Clowns-2 Clowns-3 Clowns-4

Here’s a closer look at the tattoos…

Tattoo1 Tattoo-2 Tattoo-3 Tattoo-4 Tattoo-5

Overall I’m really happy with how they have turned out. The colour choices I went with I felt where a bit of a gamble, but I think it paid off.

I also managed to get a good bit of work done on Harley Quinn…

Harley-Quinn-1 Harley-Quinn-2

Another model I really enjoyed painting, and I’m glad I have one of my own to do soon. Was a nice break in between the other models as well, with a nice and different variety of colours.

SO I only have the last few models to do, and did manage a wee bit of work on them…

Joker-& Circus 1 Joker-&-Circus-2

I knew I wanted to do something different with the circus clowns armour, and inspired by the edging on the shield went for the green and purple cross pattern. I’m really pleased, and think it really helps the models to stand out and pop.

Now just a wee bit more work on the circus clowns and a lot of work on the Joker to go before I’m finished 😀

Dreadball Extreme Kickstarter Wave 2!

I’ve received a big box of goodies from my Dreadball Xtreme Kickstarter pledge and it’s time to show off some of the new stuff…

Sphyr Team

Sphyr Team

Rebs Team

Rebs Team

Brokkr Team

Brokkr Team

Crypt, Kailasa, M'zei Kein, Galdo & The Excavator

Crypt, Kailasa, M’zei Kein, Galdo & The Excavator

Kryphos, Asylum, Irsala, Phantasm & Lyra the Fixer

Kryphos, Asylum, Irsala, Phantasm & Lyra the Fixer

Schnorkel, Brickbat Vognar, Grak, Deadman Davitz & Brute Force

Schnorkel, Brickbat Vognar, Grak, Deadman Davitz & Brute Force

Xtreme Fans

Xtreme Fans

Xtreme Cheerleaders

Xtreme Cheerleaders

Rush Tracker Cheerleader - I got two of these to use as a rush & score marker :)

Rush Tracker Cheerleader – I got two of these to use as a rush & score marker 🙂

Ardia Shi'lek Kickstarter Exclusive Sponsor

Ardia Shi’lek Kickstarter Exclusive Sponsor

Dice Bag and Dice

Dice Bag and Dice

This will keep me busy for a while 🙂

Best Creation Ever!

After getting the blog back on the go, getting psyched up and looking to get a few more regular postings the better half and I received a surprise a little earlier than expected….


Our wee daughter arrived on Feb 1st and threw a spanner into the works of my hobby time (best spanner ever :)).

As such I probably won’t be updating the site as regularly as I wanted to, but will be getting a wee bit of hobby in here and there when I can and will be popping updates onto the site accordingly 🙂

Deadzone – Books, Cards and Stories!

It’s hard to believe that Deadzone has only been officially released for 6 months. Already the game has seen a great amount of products released which shows a great level of support for a great game.

I’ve managed to get as much of this fancy stuff as possible and want to let you all know what I think of some of it. The main things I’ll be looking at here are the 2 expansion books, Nexus Psi & Incursion, the Mercenary card deck and the Containment Protocol short stories collection. So let’s take a look at those books…


Nexus Psi

The first expansion to be released features some new rules, a campaign and some great fluff on the current factions as well as the mercenaries.

The new rules are mainly there to cover units available in the faction boosters such as the vehicles and the weapons teams. There’s only a few here but it does a great job of expanding on what was available in the main rulebook.


The campaign is designed for 2 players with one of the factions needing to be plague. This can be a little restrictive, but it’s a great campaign if you have a lack of players around for the full shebang. It features a total of 10 missions and a simple campaign map. The map features 6 nodes, the aim of the game being for your faction to control each and every one to win and a mission that needs to be won in order to take control of each. That leaves 4 other missions. The first one is a simple scenario to get you going and with the team taking on the plague trying to get some intel. The other 3 can only be played once per campaign and act as something of a balancer. Normally the winner gets to choose the next scenario to be played, but in the case of these extra scenario the loser can choose them in order to try and get the initiative back to their side.

I’ve not had a chance to give it a go yet but it looks exciting and I’m champing at the bit to take on some Plague with my Rebs, and there’s no shortage of Plague players around here 🙂


The fluff in this book is top notch and is a reason in itself to pick the book up. Each of the 4 factions the game started with gets a few pages of dedicated backstory. This really adds to the universe as a whole and gives a great deal of information as to the character, motivations, organisation and origins of each of the factions. In addition each of the Mercs gets a page to themselves, giving a backstory to the more famous names fighting on Nexus Psi. There’s also a couple of short stories sread through the book, which are all pretty good. Due to the lack of any background in general to the warpath universe(other than whats in this book) it’s easy to get enthralled with the wee snippets these stories give away 🙂




The latest book, Incursion, whilst not a campaign book adds much of the same as Nexus Sci. It mainly introduces the 2 newest factions, Forge Fathers and Asterions, with each getting a double page background section as well as a page for each of their main new units. The backgrounds for these are really good although they sometimes feel a little derivative, obviously inspired by their fantasy counterparts, but this is made up for by the elements that really make them feel unique and the absence of some of the more stereotypical elements that are usually shoehorned into races such as these.


There is also expansion on some of the previous factions with the new units coming soon getting a page each, such as the Strider and Peacekeepers in addition to a couple more short stories and something every sci fi game needs, a galactic map…


Rules wise there is a couple of extras in here. There’s a scenario dedicated to an Enforcer strike team made up of Peacekeepers and only Peacekeepers which looks like it would be a lot of fun, but one hell of a challange for the team taking them on. There is rules for Multimat games, which while interesting seem more like guidelines than solid rules, although I’m not complaining, better to have them in there than not. Finally they have some additional information on terrain, mainly due to the ruins and fortifications kits that came out, and the need to cover them in the same fashion as the standard terrain was in the main rulebook.

Overall I really enjoyed the book, it is primarily fluff but that’s really what I’ve been clamoring for when it comes to the Deadzone universe, so it does not disappoint.


Mercenary Card Deck

Something I was surprised was coming out was this card deck but after looking through them I’ve realised it is an essential add on to the game. The main bulk of the cards are made up of, you guessed it, mercenaries. Every merc available for Deadzone, including the KS exclusives is in the deck, and it’s very nice to have proper cards available rather then the paper ones that come in the mercs clamshells. These are of the same quality as the cards you get in the faction starters, so no complaints there.


In addition to the Mercs there are also some new cards for each of the factions to cover the newest releases; Striders, Peacekeepers, Pathfinders, The Recon Drone(the one that comes with N32-19, Stuntbots and Iron Ancestors. It seems the cards for these are only available in this deck and do not come packaged with the models.


Above and beyond that the deck comes with a couple more cards. The first of which is 3 Dreadball player cards. These are for one of the missions in the Nexus Psi book where a Dreadball star player is stuck in the Deadzone and must be rescued before the Plague can eat their face. The cards represent each of the postions in Dreadball; Striker, Jack and Guard, not the MVP pictured on the card.

The second of these additional cards is a few extra for the Rebs in order to fix some mistakes on the originals, adding the correct class to the commander, the correct points to the Kraaw and the addition of construct to the survey drone. As a Rebs player these are very welcome :).

The final card is for the Plague Stage 3Z, Zombies! Seems these will be covered in the next book, Contagion, and are for the solo play version of Deadzone or for throwing into a game to mess with both players :). Can’t wait for that.

Overall a very solid product and one that really will be an essential purchase for anyone looking to make use of the new units on there way. Whilst I would have preferred those cards being included with the models I can see the sense in sticking them together with the rest of the cards that would be coming out anyway and for £5 it’s hardly breaking the bank 🙂

Containment Protocol: A Deadzone Anthology


Released a while ago was this collection of 10 short stories set on Nexus Psi which I got around to reading a few weeks back, which you can get a hold of here.

As I’ve said I’ve been really keen to get a hold of as much background on this universe as possible and this collection does not disappoint. I honestly can’t think of any of the stories that I didn’t enjoy, and each brought something different and unique to the table. Whilst some were better written than others, each was  certainly engaging enough that you wanted to read on with all of them giving a great selection of interesting characters and a good descriptive idea of their surroundings.

The few standouts for me where Need to Know and A Sense of Unity. The first for the intrigue that it raises. Focusing on what can only be described as the secretary of a council member, it’s not the action packed adventure you’d expect from a book like this, but a nice little look into the core of the GCPS. The second really grabbed me as it focused on the Asterions, who before I’d read this had little to no information, and it does a great job of showing you how they interact with the Cyphers and use them to fight. It also introduces the Prax, something I would love to see a lot more of in the future.

I’d recommend this to anyone looking for background on the universe, or even anyone who likes a good sci-fi book, and to be honest at £3.99 it’s not gonna bankrupt you 🙂