New Toys! Part 1 – Infinity

Infinity_300Dpi_Orange_BluecopiaAs I mentioned yesterday I’m looking to get into a few new games systems, with a primary aim of painting something other than 40k models :), the first of which is Infinity.

A fair amount of mates have been getting stuck into it over the last few weeks, and tend to have nothing but praise for whats looking to be a great game. All that said I’ve not had a chance to play it myself but have picked up a few models to get me started…

Caledonian Starter Pack

Caledonian Starter Pack with William Wallace (centre)

Given the choice of models I had to go for the kilted radges, as not only does this give me the perfect opportunity to paint up some tartan but also I get to take William Wallace to lead them! The models are pretty stunning, with the level of detail being above par, and nothing really needing cleaned before putting them together. Was pleased that they are actually kilts, pleated at the back, as I expected just a flat surface all round.

The plan is to get going with these guys until I’ve had a few games and have a better idea as to where to expand to with the force. In regard to painting I’m planning on naming each of the folks in the force so that each one will have a specific tartan related to their clan, and this will give me the chance to paint as many varieties of tartan as I can, bonus!

Come back tomorrow to get a look at the next batch of awesome toys that I’ll be working on :D…

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