New Toys! Part 2 – Dystopian Wars


Next up in the way of new toy’s is naval battles in Spartans Dystopian Wars.

I’ve had my eye on this one for a wee while now, as it steadily grew in popularity. With a mate recently starting his own Empire of the Blazing Sun force I thought it was the perfect time to jump on board(sorry, couldn’t resist the pun :D). I set out over the last couple of weeks to settle on a force I wanted to play and was suitably impressed with the range on offer. All of the forces have an excellent range of models and stick to a particular theme, but the one that really popped out for me was the Antarticans. They have a really alien and advanced look which I fell in love with immediately, but its the airforce for them that solidified that this was the force for me….

Antarctican Aerial Battle Group

Antarctican Aerial Battle Group

The flying ships are just too damn cool, and I cant wait to get stuck into the painting, and then set about blowing up the Japanese with lasers (that’s right Dave, all of your ships are going to die!).

I knew I needed something other than the above though, it is primarily a naval battle game after all, so also invested in the following box…

Antarctican Battle Flotilla

Antarctican Battle Flotilla

I’m really impressed with the product you receive out the box as altogether it must have taken less than half an hour to get all those models ready for undercoating. Mold lines are to a complete minimum, or missing entirely from everything but the metal models, and the detail present is fantastic. It’s going to be weird doing a force with absolutely no basing required though, until we start getting into ground forces that is.

Having had a wee read through the rulebook I think this may take me a while to get my head around but there does seem to be a good presence of players at the local gaming shop (including some Spartan play-testers), so hopefully I can get some help from the guys in the know. I’ll let you know how I get on…

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