Dreadball – Gamma Slammer Update

I’ve been working on the rest of the Gamma Slammer players in order to get them ready for the tournament this Saturday, and am pleased with the progress so far….



Coach Orcy

Coach Orcy

The tournament allows an extra 20mc of goodies, and I’ve already decided that means I’ll be taking an Offensive coordinator (that’s where Orcy comes in) and 2 coaching dice. This allows me to make the most of the extra with nothing left over. It is also the best option for a Marauder team in my opinion. The coach means the Gobbos have a much greater chance of being able to pick up, get to the strike zone and throw in one rush, and the extra coaching dice means they have a much better chance of turning that throw into some points. The Orx on the other hand don’t really need any help, all they need to do is cause some carnage :D.

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