Warmachine – Cygnar starter in progress!


Progress has been moving steadily on the Cygnar warjacks. These guys seem to be working as an experiment batch, with me trying out a few new things on them at once.

My local retailer recently started too stock P3 paints, so I decided to get some and see what they’re like, as I’ve only ever really used the Citadel range. I got a couple of the blues (Cygnar Base & Cygnar Highlight) and some whites(Menoth Base & Menoth Highlight) to try out on these chaps and I was pleased with the result. They are a little thinner in consistency than most of the Citadel range, which I tend to water those down anyway, so it meant I could take it straight from the bottle.

I also wanted to try out some rusty battle damage, as I want to eventually do a fair bit of weathering on these guys. I’ve still a wee bit of work to do on whats they’re at the moment, as it seems a little too clean. What’s there was done by added patches of Doombull Brown, with a wee bit of added Trollslayer Orange, erratically with a brush. Then carefully highlighting the lower edges with Cygnar Blue Highlight, and mixing in some Menoth Highlight for at least 2 other smaller sections of highlighting.

I’m very happy with how they’re looking so far….







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