Knight Models – Joker Crew Commission!

I’ve got started on my first Knight Models commission. Over the next wee while I’ll be working on a Joker crew and I’m quite excited.

The client is after something a bit different from the studio paint job, not going for the Arkham city clothing but with something themed around the Jokers colours instead, so mainly purple and green with a little bit of orange thrown in there too. With that in mind I got cracking on some of the standard goons to start things off and here’s what they look like so far…

Joker-Crew-1 Joker-Crew-2

I still have a few bits and bobs to add to them. Straps on the trousers, finishing off the weapons, boots and weapons as well as the bases and adding some tattoos. I also want to add something a bit special to the shield as a flat surface like that is too good an opportunity to pass up 🙂

I’ve also got some extra crew members and characters to get cracking on with in the form of these folks…


I’ve left these until last so as to get a better idea where I’m going with the colours, but also because they deserve a little bit more attention. The Joker and Harley are going to be in their classic colours but the circus clowns I should be able to have some fun with and make them look a lot more colourful 🙂

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