A Month in Pictures – February 2018

The second month roles by and it seems to be the month of franchises, with Star Wars, Dr. Who and Batman all being represented.

I’m happy with the progress I made this month. Nothing to really challenge myself, or an attempt at a new technique though, so I need to ensure I pursue this in March.

Let’s take a look at all of the models I painted this month…

Painted in February: 22

Total painted in 2018: 39


Batman Miniature Games Tokens


With me getting back into playing the Batman Miniature Game a bit more often I realised I needed to pick up a few more tokens to help keep track of everything, so off to the wonderful Counter Attack Bases I headed.

Their Superhero Skirmish Range is where I picked up all the rest of my tokens for the game when I was first starting out and they’ve added to the range since I was last there, meaning they have nearly everything for every situation you could think of.

The first thing I needed was something for the action counters for the character cards. Since I’m using a Batman/Law forces force as well as a Harley gang I wanted some action counters for each of these forces. Their shield counters work perfectly for the Batman side of things, shown here in blue, and the Harlequin design is perfect for the Harley gang, shown here in red. These are both around about the same size, both perfect for fitting into the attribute slots on the character cards and are not too badly priced for what you get, £5.00 for 25 counters.

Next up I wanted to get some tokens for both ammo an any titan that might be picked up during the game and they had an Ammo/Titan Set just waiting for me. At only 35p each it meant I could pick up enough to cover all the ammo that the guys have from the start and any extra I may have purchased for them. Much like the action counters before, these are the perfect size to keep on or near the character card whilst not taking up too much room.

The final thing I wanted to pick up was some Activation Markers as I’m terrible at remembering who’s already gone. I really love the Arkham themed design of these and they’re a really great way to keep on top of your tracking.

I also got a bonus in the box in the form of some extra ammo tokens which turned out to be incredibly useful. I hadn’t thought about the models that have two ranged weapons and the need to maybe track more than one type of ammo.

As usual I’m really happy with the quality of the tokens I got from them and will no doubt be back again soon to buy some more 🙂

Knight Models – Joker Crew Commission!

I’ve got started on my first Knight Models commission. Over the next wee while I’ll be working on a Joker crew and I’m quite excited.

The client is after something a bit different from the studio paint job, not going for the Arkham city clothing but with something themed around the Jokers colours instead, so mainly purple and green with a little bit of orange thrown in there too. With that in mind I got cracking on some of the standard goons to start things off and here’s what they look like so far…

Joker-Crew-1 Joker-Crew-2

I still have a few bits and bobs to add to them. Straps on the trousers, finishing off the weapons, boots and weapons as well as the bases and adding some tattoos. I also want to add something a bit special to the shield as a flat surface like that is too good an opportunity to pass up 🙂

I’ve also got some extra crew members and characters to get cracking on with in the form of these folks…


I’ve left these until last so as to get a better idea where I’m going with the colours, but also because they deserve a little bit more attention. The Joker and Harley are going to be in their classic colours but the circus clowns I should be able to have some fun with and make them look a lot more colourful 🙂

Knight Models – Batman Crews!

I’ve painted a fair bit for the forces of good in the Batman Miniature Game now and wanted to show off some of the Crews I have put together.

First up the Bat Family…


and the GCPD…

Gotham-Cops-GroupThese two aren’t crews in their own rights, although the GCPD group could be. The plan was to make up a couple of crews from these two pools. Her’s what I came up with…


The first is a nice and simple Batman & Robin based crew, with as much GCPD back up as I could fit in and, because I adore the mini, Alfred is there to keep an eye on master Bruce.

The second crew I put together looks like this…


This one is based around the Robins; Nightwing, Red Hood and, well, Robin with some GCPD back up and again Alfred keeping an eye on things.

Both of these are standard tournament sized crews (350rep) as I like to make sure that’s what I’ve got to play with once I eventually get to playing the game. Although the first few times will be with a little bit less than this.

Knight Models – Red Hood Joker & Alfred!


Knight Models have really outdone themselves on these pre-order exclusive minis, giving us two models oozing character and perfectly reflecting their comic book counterparts. That’s why I now have two rulebooks 😀

My only wish is that the Red Hood Joker had been given some unique rules like Alfred has, to make him all that more special. But  what are you gonna do? As it stands I’ve got a cool Joker to use with the Harley crew I’m planning 🙂

Here’s a closer look at the Red Hood…

Red-Hood-1 Red-Hood-2

And Here is Alfred…

Alfred-1 Alfred-2

Both of these were a lot of fun to paint, primarily because the sculpts are so superb. As usual with Knight Models stuff the details are crisp and clean, with the occasional dramatic element, like the Red Hood’s cloak, but they never feel overloaded. Really good stuff 🙂

Knight Models – Commissioner Gordon & GCPD SWAT


More reinforcements for the Batman and his allies are ready to take control of the streets of Gotham.

I got these guys as they were the only other henchman for my Bat forces that I did not have (until Knight Models announced next months releases :(), and they looked like good fun to paint up. They are some great sculpts, with minimal mold lines but did have a fair amount of gaps when putting these together. Gordon especially had some fairly noticeable gaps where his arms join at the elbow. But a wee touch of greenstuff and they were ready to go :).

Here’s the SWAT…

Swat-1 Swat-2

These were pretty simple, just because there is not a lot of variation in colours and no major detailing. I went with a colour scheme very close to the studio job, as it kept them looking tactical as well as linking well with the police I had already done.

Commissioner Gordon I wanted to do a little closer to the comics and the Animated Series versions, rather than the movie version…

Gordon-1 Gordon-2

I’m really pleased with how he turned out, a lot better than I expected to be honest. I wasn’t sure I would really use him in game but I like the mini so much I think I’ll have to squeeze him in once or twice 🙂

Next up is my Red Hood Joker and Alfred exclusive minis 😀

Knight Models – Deathstroke

My first villain joins my BMG collection, and who else would it be than Slade Wilson.

This is just one of those models that I knew I had to have. Loved the character design for him in Arkham Origins and it is replicated perfectly in this miniature.

I actually struggle quite a bit to get this chap painted though, having to retry the armour blues and oranges a couple of times until I got something I was happy with. But in the end I got there….

Deathstroke-1 Deathstroke-2

Knight Models – Black Canary & Green Arrow


Some heroes head over from Star City to help out the Batman!

These two I picked up on a whim just because I really liked the models, and I was very glad that they looked just as good in the flesh. Green Arrow I found was a fairly easy one to paint because the majority of him is green, go figure eh :), and the details are so crisp the highlighting was really easy to get on with.

Black Canary was a bit different. Everything was just as crisp as Arrow except for the tights, the crosshatch pattern was fairly flat in a few areas so it took a good amount of time and a steady hand to get them looking how I wanted. The only other thing I struggled with was the face. Due to the sculpt it is quite difficult to not make her look like a certain type of inflatable ;).

Not being that familiar with the character I painted her up as Knight Models have and I wish I’d researched it a bit more before hand. The models based off the New 52 look, which would mean I would rather have had the main body and arms a lot closer to black as she is in the comics.

Here’s some more pics of them both…

Black-Canary-1 Black-Canary-2 Green-Arrow-1 Green-Arrow-2

I’m Back Baby!


After a long hiatus from this blog and any hobby activity in general, I’m getting back to it now! Yay 🙂

Many factors contributed to my absence; Preparing for my first-born, moving house, getting an Xbox One and a few other things, but all in all it came down to needing a break from toy soldiers for a wee while.

Luckily in the last few weeks that monkey has climbed back onto my back, and the brushes and tools have been unpacked ready to go and I can attribute my new found enthusiasm to one man; Batman!

I recently discovered a miniatures range from Knight Models featuring the Dark Knight and a whole host of his allies and rogues gallery and was so impressed with the minis I got ordering right away :), and here’s what I’ve got to work on…

Batgirl, Batman, Robin & Nightwing

Batgirl, Batman, Robin & Nightwing

Deathstroke, Green Arrow & Black Canary

Deathstroke, Green Arrow & Black Canary

I’m suitably impressed with the quality of these folks, with good, clean and exceptionally detailed molds, but also the scale is amazing. Being 35mm rather than the usual 28mm I’m used to working with they really do stand apart and look really special. This also helped alleviate a problem I had with the price, and realise that they are worth the £12 a peice they come in at.

So I have these chaps to work on, and I’ll have an update on them later today once a few more licks of paint have been added, but I also have another bucket load of models to work on in the form of…


The box set for Xtreme arrived just before Christmas and whilst I haven’t had a chance to do much with it yet, this new boost of hobby enthusiasm has got me starting to prepare the models for painting and playing, and I’m hoping to get a review of the box set done soon. The second wave has just started shipping as well, which means I’ll soon be buried under a pile of minis, and I’d like to get ahead of it while I can 🙂

Finally I’d like to say it feels good to get back to this and share my progress with all you lovely people 😀