Tabletop Gaming – Descent: Legends of the Dark Painting Guides

My latest guide sees me working my way through a massive game from Fantasy Flight. Descent: Legends of the Dark is a reboot of a classic dungeon crawler. The first part of my guides covers the heroes and the Dragon Hybrid Centurion. I’ll be covering the enemies in the next guide.

This guide can be found in Issue 59.

These are probably the best selection of characters I’ve seen from a dungeon crawler. A 32mm scale gives them much more presence and a great amount of detail. The variation is fantastic with both a cat and dragon person, a magical phoenix and 2 women. I only note the women as they fit in traditionally male roles, knight and dwarven fighter, in what I think is a tasteful way, no skimpy clothing or provocative poses.

I also loved the addition of POC. For these guides I base the paint job off the art work or other source material. This gave me the chance to stray from my norm and try different skin tones.

The only character that was a bit of a let down was Galaden the elf. Still great by most standards, just the most generic of the batch and very similar to nearly every other elven archer I’ve seen.

It’s a mild complaint though and they are some of the coolest models I’ve worked on in a while.

Take a look at the finished models…

Tabletop Gaming – Nemesis Painting Guide

Another guide for Tabletop Gaming magazine, this time covering the everything from the Nemesis board game.

This guide can be found in Issue 57.

This was an exciting project me as I’m a big fan of Aliens, and it’s not difficult to see the clear influence the film series had on this game. The Intruders (what the game call the aliens), have clear similarities with the titular creatures. The similarities seem to cross over to the gameplay too, meaning this is one firmly on the to play list.

There seems to have been a lot of focus on the intruders as a big part of the package. The models are large and impressive, but tower over the crew as you’ll see in the images. Whilst this is fantastic for painting, giving a greater amount of space to work with and more detail with it, they do seem a little out of proportion for gameplay.

Take a look at the finished models…

Tabletop Gaming – Bloodborne Painting Guides

Another guide for Tabletop Gaming magazine, this time covering the heroes and bosses from Bloodborne the board game.

This guide can be found in Issue 56.

It’s always challenging tackling something derived from other forms of entertainment. I’ve never played the videogame these models were based off which is nothing new. It happened before with my guide for Horizen: Zero Dawn the board game, so I followed the same path I did for that. Lot’s of image searches and gameplay videos, focussing on the elements I would be painting, hopefully to get a look that a fan of the video game would recognise.

I’m a big fan of the Gothic aesthetic and the sculpts were over all great. The hunters each have a unique look but they suffer due to their size. They’re very small and as a result lose a lot of detail, with some elements blending into each other. The bosses are larger, which means you don’t see the same on them, other than Father Gascoigne, who stands around the same height as the hunters.

I didn’t have the space for the other enemies, but they are more like the bosses in quality, being quite large, crisp sculpts. It’s a shame that the player characters didn’t get a wee bit more to make them stand out.

Take a look at the finished models…

Tabletop Gaming – Super Fantasy Brawl Painting Guides

I completed these a few months ago for guides in Tabletop Gaming magazine. The first covering the core set characters and statues, and the second covering the Circle of Blood & Art of War expansions.

These guides can be found in Issue 54 and Issue 55.

I found the minis to be great quality and detail. Much bigger than the minis I normally paint, in fact towering over them. It might take longer, but I enjoyed having the space to play with.

Super Fantasy Brawl is an Arena combat game with champions from the fantasy world teleported through time to fight for the utopian futures enjoyment. Each model is an individual character which offers a varied and interesting line up and a plethora of painting opportunities.

I tried to stretch my boundaries with these, deciding to not use any metallics, instead going for a semi NMM. I’m really happy with what I pulled off and it emboldened me to try on it on future figures too. In fact, I’ve not used a metallic in a few months.

Take a look at the finished models…