Tabletop Gaming – Nemesis Painting Guide

Another guide for Tabletop Gaming magazine, this time covering the everything from the Nemesis board game.

This guide can be found in Issue 57.

This was an exciting project me as I’m a big fan of Aliens, and it’s not difficult to see the clear influence the film series had on this game. The Intruders (what the game call the aliens), have clear similarities with the titular creatures. The similarities seem to cross over to the gameplay too, meaning this is one firmly on the to play list.

There seems to have been a lot of focus on the intruders as a big part of the package. The models are large and impressive, but tower over the crew as you’ll see in the images. Whilst this is fantastic for painting, giving a greater amount of space to work with and more detail with it, they do seem a little out of proportion for gameplay.

Take a look at the finished models…


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