The Beginnings of a Harley Quinn Crew!

A few months back my lovely wife got me a fair amount of Knight Models Joker Crew models, unfortunately it was right around the time I started a commission for a Joker Crew. This meant all my enthusiasm for the project went into the commission, which turned out exactly how I would have wanted mine to. Whilst I enjoyed it enough to do the same with mine, I felt something different would be a good change of pace, especially since I’ve not really strayed from the Knight Models schemes when painting their models, other than with that commission.

This led me to the idea of a Harley Quinn based crew, and I have to admit I took heavy inspiration from the Arkham City: Harley Quinn’s Revenge DLC pack…

harleyquinnsrevengedlc2So I got cracking into the models and only after a few licks of paint I knew this idea would work for me. I found it hard to put the brush down.

I started off with a few basic guys…

Harley-1 Harley-2

And also a couple of the Shield Clowns, on which I used the shields to really show off their allegience :)…

Harley-3 Harley-4

Although I have found out since starting to paint these guys you can now only take one shield henchman :(. Really pissed that I won’t be able to use both in the same crew, but if it helps make the game better I’ll just have to live with it.

I’ve also begun working on some of the more elite henchmen, trying to add something a bit more special with them…

Harley-5 Harley-6

Sitting behind these guys on the painting queue are some of the characters to lead the pack in the form of both versions of Harley…


and Mr Hammer, who I have converted with some cutting and a touch of greenstuff to make him fit in with the rest a little better…

Harley-8 Harley-9

In all honesty I struggle to work with greenstuff so I’m really pleased with how he has turned out 🙂

Last but not least is a couple of objectives for them…


I might try and make these a bit more Harley than Joker, but not sure what I want to do yet 🙂

Building a Batman Board! – Part 2


Continuing on from my last post, let’s take a look at the last few odds and ends I’ve picked up to get my Batman board up and running. In addition to all I’ve gone over so far I also have the Corner Apartment Building and Street Furniture I reviewed for Multiverse Gaming Terrain last week, in case you missed it here they are again 🙂

Building-3 Lampposts-3

These great sets and many more can be picked up from Multiverse Gaming Terrain :).

As I said last time I had a special bit of terrain for the board which is also my favorite of the lot, the good old Batmobile…


I picked this bad boy up on ebay, but it is from a range of die-cast Batman vehicles from Eaglemoss. They have a fantastic selection, but I had to go for the Animated Series version as I have loved it since I was young and enthralled by the series.

Next up was some more scatter and buildings, this time coming in from Counter Attack Bases, who you may remember I got a good amount of tokens for the game from.

I picked up this great building from them…

Building-1 Building-2 Building-3 Building-4

The 3 Storey City Apartment Building is a nice kit, but since it lacked floors on the interior I decided to make it a dilapidated and boarded up building. All I did was glue some cut up bits of lollipop stick over the windows before putting it together, simple 🙂

In addition to the building I also picked up some barriers for more general scatter…


The Railed Fences/Barriers are nice, simple and cheap making a great addition to the board.

Here’s how it looks so far, with and without models…

Board-1 Board-2 Board-3 Board-4 Board-5 Board-6 Board-7

I still think I need to get a bit more buildings and bigger bits of scatter, especially for round the edges of the board. I do have my eye on some bits and pieces, and will be sure to post about them when I get round to picking them up 🙂

Knight Models – Joker Crew Commission!

I’ve got started on my first Knight Models commission. Over the next wee while I’ll be working on a Joker crew and I’m quite excited.

The client is after something a bit different from the studio paint job, not going for the Arkham city clothing but with something themed around the Jokers colours instead, so mainly purple and green with a little bit of orange thrown in there too. With that in mind I got cracking on some of the standard goons to start things off and here’s what they look like so far…

Joker-Crew-1 Joker-Crew-2

I still have a few bits and bobs to add to them. Straps on the trousers, finishing off the weapons, boots and weapons as well as the bases and adding some tattoos. I also want to add something a bit special to the shield as a flat surface like that is too good an opportunity to pass up 🙂

I’ve also got some extra crew members and characters to get cracking on with in the form of these folks…


I’ve left these until last so as to get a better idea where I’m going with the colours, but also because they deserve a little bit more attention. The Joker and Harley are going to be in their classic colours but the circus clowns I should be able to have some fun with and make them look a lot more colourful 🙂

Knight Models – Batman Crews!

I’ve painted a fair bit for the forces of good in the Batman Miniature Game now and wanted to show off some of the Crews I have put together.

First up the Bat Family…


and the GCPD…

Gotham-Cops-GroupThese two aren’t crews in their own rights, although the GCPD group could be. The plan was to make up a couple of crews from these two pools. Her’s what I came up with…


The first is a nice and simple Batman & Robin based crew, with as much GCPD back up as I could fit in and, because I adore the mini, Alfred is there to keep an eye on master Bruce.

The second crew I put together looks like this…


This one is based around the Robins; Nightwing, Red Hood and, well, Robin with some GCPD back up and again Alfred keeping an eye on things.

Both of these are standard tournament sized crews (350rep) as I like to make sure that’s what I’ve got to play with once I eventually get to playing the game. Although the first few times will be with a little bit less than this.

Knight Models – Red Hood Joker & Alfred!


Knight Models have really outdone themselves on these pre-order exclusive minis, giving us two models oozing character and perfectly reflecting their comic book counterparts. That’s why I now have two rulebooks 😀

My only wish is that the Red Hood Joker had been given some unique rules like Alfred has, to make him all that more special. But  what are you gonna do? As it stands I’ve got a cool Joker to use with the Harley crew I’m planning 🙂

Here’s a closer look at the Red Hood…

Red-Hood-1 Red-Hood-2

And Here is Alfred…

Alfred-1 Alfred-2

Both of these were a lot of fun to paint, primarily because the sculpts are so superb. As usual with Knight Models stuff the details are crisp and clean, with the occasional dramatic element, like the Red Hood’s cloak, but they never feel overloaded. Really good stuff 🙂

Knight Models – Commissioner Gordon & GCPD SWAT


More reinforcements for the Batman and his allies are ready to take control of the streets of Gotham.

I got these guys as they were the only other henchman for my Bat forces that I did not have (until Knight Models announced next months releases :(), and they looked like good fun to paint up. They are some great sculpts, with minimal mold lines but did have a fair amount of gaps when putting these together. Gordon especially had some fairly noticeable gaps where his arms join at the elbow. But a wee touch of greenstuff and they were ready to go :).

Here’s the SWAT…

Swat-1 Swat-2

These were pretty simple, just because there is not a lot of variation in colours and no major detailing. I went with a colour scheme very close to the studio job, as it kept them looking tactical as well as linking well with the police I had already done.

Commissioner Gordon I wanted to do a little closer to the comics and the Animated Series versions, rather than the movie version…

Gordon-1 Gordon-2

I’m really pleased with how he turned out, a lot better than I expected to be honest. I wasn’t sure I would really use him in game but I like the mini so much I think I’ll have to squeeze him in once or twice 🙂

Next up is my Red Hood Joker and Alfred exclusive minis 😀

Knight Models – Red Hood Joker & Rulebook!


My pre-ordered rulebook landed with me early last week and so did one of the coolest minis I’ve yet seen from Knight Models, the Joker Red Hood inspired by one of the most famous Batman comics; The Killing Joke…

Red-Hood-Joker Red-Hood-Card

The model is fantastic, like everything I’ve had from Knight Models so far. Fantastic detailing and the perfect pose for the character. Really happy I pre-ordered to get him. The model comes with his own card, which is a replication of the standard Arkham City Joker just with the picture changed. I would have liked him to have had his own rules or even just a few minor differences to make him unique, but what can you do.


Whilst i can’t comment on the rules content of the rulebook yet, I can say this is one of the nicest rulebooks I have had the pleasure of reading. It feels content rich without being overloaded and makes amazing use of the plethora of Batman artwork already out there. It’s split into a few different sections, which I’ll show some examples of…

Rulebook-2 Rulebook-3 Rulebook-4

The rules are the first thing in there, it is a rulebook after all. I’ve had a brief read through to start to get familiar with them and it’s all looking great so far. They are laid out in a good way, and I found it easy to follow and grasp a basic understanding of how things play. The rules are split into two; the basics and the advanced rules. It’s something done in a lt of rulebooks and it’s very welcome. It’s a much easier way of getting to grips with any game.

Her’s a couple of good examples of the artwork within the book…

Rulebook-5 Rulebook-6

Following on from the rules is the scenarios…


There’s six in the book in total, each giving a good variety of objectives and set ups which should keep the game fresh for a while. Also like any other game there is a good scope for expansion with official and fan made missions, especially with the wealth of stories behind something like Batman for some more thematic games.

Rulebook-8 Rulebook-9

Following on from this is a gallery. This shows all of the miniatures currently available for the range (other than the most recent releases). It all looks very slick and I especially like the group shots with a themed background.

Rulebook-10 Rulebook-11

A large chunk of the back of the book is given up to explore the background of Batman, his allies and his rogues gallery. Whilst a lot will be very familiar to Batman fans like myself, it’s good to have for an interesting read and for those less familiar with the full scope of the 75 years of Batman lore.


Last but not least is a couple of pages of reference. This is a must for games in my opinion and if a book doesn’t have it I’d be very disappointed.

So, as you can see, it looks great and reads great. This is a definite win for Knight Models and the Batman Miniature game in general

Knight Models – Deathstroke

My first villain joins my BMG collection, and who else would it be than Slade Wilson.

This is just one of those models that I knew I had to have. Loved the character design for him in Arkham Origins and it is replicated perfectly in this miniature.

I actually struggle quite a bit to get this chap painted though, having to retry the armour blues and oranges a couple of times until I got something I was happy with. But in the end I got there….

Deathstroke-1 Deathstroke-2

Knight Models – Black Canary & Green Arrow


Some heroes head over from Star City to help out the Batman!

These two I picked up on a whim just because I really liked the models, and I was very glad that they looked just as good in the flesh. Green Arrow I found was a fairly easy one to paint because the majority of him is green, go figure eh :), and the details are so crisp the highlighting was really easy to get on with.

Black Canary was a bit different. Everything was just as crisp as Arrow except for the tights, the crosshatch pattern was fairly flat in a few areas so it took a good amount of time and a steady hand to get them looking how I wanted. The only other thing I struggled with was the face. Due to the sculpt it is quite difficult to not make her look like a certain type of inflatable ;).

Not being that familiar with the character I painted her up as Knight Models have and I wish I’d researched it a bit more before hand. The models based off the New 52 look, which would mean I would rather have had the main body and arms a lot closer to black as she is in the comics.

Here’s some more pics of them both…

Black-Canary-1 Black-Canary-2 Green-Arrow-1 Green-Arrow-2

Knight Models – Red Hood & Batwoman!


My god I love these two! Red Hood for his sheer bad-ass-ness. The mini just oozes cool intimidation and matches the comic so well. Batwoman on the other hand has such a simplicity to her. No clutter, no ostentation, just simple. This really works for the mini especially combined with the nonchalant but confidant pose. Love it!

These two have probably been the best models I’ve had from Knight so far in regards to mold lines, with only a minor area on Batwoman and one down the inside of Red Hoods legs. Construction is pretty easy on Red Hood with only the arms needing pinned on and a wee bit of filler put in. Batwoman was a bit trickier, but only because of the left leg. This leg joins at the knee but because its a v shaped join it was tricky to pin, so needed to be roughed a bit with a file to get a good stick with the glue.

Onto some more pictures…

Red-Hood-1 Red-Hood-2 Batwoman-1 Batwoman-2 Batwoman-3

As you can probably guess, and I know I say it nearly every time, but these where a joy to paint. I loved every minute. Not just two of my favourite models from Knight Models, but two of my favourite models ever!