Knight Models – Black Canary & Green Arrow


Some heroes head over from Star City to help out the Batman!

These two I picked up on a whim just because I really liked the models, and I was very glad that they looked just as good in the flesh. Green Arrow I found was a fairly easy one to paint because the majority of him is green, go figure eh :), and the details are so crisp the highlighting was really easy to get on with.

Black Canary was a bit different. Everything was just as crisp as Arrow except for the tights, the crosshatch pattern was fairly flat in a few areas so it took a good amount of time and a steady hand to get them looking how I wanted. The only other thing I struggled with was the face. Due to the sculpt it is quite difficult to not make her look like a certain type of inflatable ;).

Not being that familiar with the character I painted her up as Knight Models have and I wish I’d researched it a bit more before hand. The models based off the New 52 look, which would mean I would rather have had the main body and arms a lot closer to black as she is in the comics.

Here’s some more pics of them both…

Black-Canary-1 Black-Canary-2 Green-Arrow-1 Green-Arrow-2

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