Warhammer 40k – Inquisitor Commission!

Just got cracking into a commission for an Inquisitor to represent the clients roleplaying character and it couldn’t of come at a better time 🙂

I’ve just started rereading the Eisenhorn/Ravenor series and every time I do I always want to paint up some inquisition, any inquisition. The job at hand called for some slight conversion to the classic witchhunter model, one that happens to have been sitting in my bits box for a few years. So I got him out and set to it. The client was looking for him to be armed with a power sword and a purgatus crossbow. The sword was fairly easy, just requiring finding one that looked suitably epic and getting it in place, the crossbow was another matter. I tried to find some images for the blighter but only came up with one, luckily it came alongside a description:

More advanced Crossbows are also utilized by the Inquisitions Ordo Hereticus, and have become a symbol of their order. Known as the Purgatus Crossbow, it is a fusion of a Boltgun and a standard crossbow and is able to fire with more force than a Shotgun blast. However, it is its ammunition that is the true marvel; heavy wood and silver stakes inscribed with wards and runes designed to disrupt a creature’s contact with the Warp, making it an excellent weapon to hunt Psykers

This gave me a good basis for how to build it; a boltgun fused with a crossbow. Here’s what I came up with…

Inquisitor1 Inquisitor3I think it looks suitably badass 😀

Next up is the painting, with the client supplying an image of the kind of look he would like me to go for…


Can’t wait to get cracking into this bad boy 🙂

2 thoughts on “Warhammer 40k – Inquisitor Commission!

  1. The crossbow looks great. I managed to trade for the female Inquisitor from the same era yesterday and ended up with the version with a crossbow and sword, coincidentally enough.

    Did the client request the very tall base?

    As you know I just painted one of these (unconverted) models: its a beautiful sculpt and a classic miniature. Ill be watching this with added interest as a result 🙂

    • Was very pleased with how the crossbow turned out, was a bit touch and go for a while 🙂

      The client was after a ruined city base, so I thought I’d make up something a bit more showcase-like to make him stand out a bit more. Was fun to do and something I’m going to try again on some more inquisitors (this guy has really got me in the mood for more). Coincidentally one of the inquisitors I’ve got ready to paint is the female with sword and bow 😀

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