Deadzone – Strider Unboxing!


Finally managed to get my hands on one of these bad boys, so let’s take a look at what you get….


This is the main components you get in the box, and this is the extras…


It gives you all the bits you need to build it as one of the 3 varieties; Rebs, Plague and Corporation/Enforcer and some nice bits to accessorise it how you like which while designed with certain factions in mind wouldn’t look out of place in any of them.

Building it up didn’t take too long although it can take a wee bit of trial and error to figure out which bit goes where as there are no instructions 😦

Overall it’s a great model especially considering the value for money, my only gripe is the size of the weapons. They feel a little over the top and chunky with the flamer and chainsaw being the main offenders. The Enforcer gun gets away with it a little more, giving it the sense of power I think it should have considering the stats.

This one is getting done up for the Plague I’ve been working on, but don’t worry the Rebs have two on their way once a mate gets his second wave shipment 😀

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