Knight Models – Joker Crew Commission Continues!

Been working hard on the Joker crew commission, which has been a great amount of fun. Doing something fairly unique and drastically different from the studio paint job has been an interesting and enjoyable experience, and allowed me to flex my painting muscles more than with any of the other Knight Models stuff so far.

As I stated earlier in the week my focus was going to be on detailing the clown goons. Adding some colour to the straps, weapons, bandages and painting on some tattoos. I also got cracking on getting the bases sorted. Here’s how they look now…

Clowns-1 Clowns-2 Clowns-3 Clowns-4

Here’s a closer look at the tattoos…

Tattoo1 Tattoo-2 Tattoo-3 Tattoo-4 Tattoo-5

Overall I’m really happy with how they have turned out. The colour choices I went with I felt where a bit of a gamble, but I think it paid off.

I also managed to get a good bit of work done on Harley Quinn…

Harley-Quinn-1 Harley-Quinn-2

Another model I really enjoyed painting, and I’m glad I have one of my own to do soon. Was a nice break in between the other models as well, with a nice and different variety of colours.

SO I only have the last few models to do, and did manage a wee bit of work on them…

Joker-& Circus 1 Joker-&-Circus-2

I knew I wanted to do something different with the circus clowns armour, and inspired by the edging on the shield went for the green and purple cross pattern. I’m really pleased, and think it really helps the models to stand out and pop.

Now just a wee bit more work on the circus clowns and a lot of work on the Joker to go before I’m finished 😀


One thought on “Knight Models – Joker Crew Commission Continues!

  1. Coming along very nicely. Varying up the skin tones on the clowns, plus the various tattoos makes for a lot of character, on models that already have a ton. Looking forward to seeing Joker and the two elite clowns finished up.

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