MCP- Painting Guides Update

Hello everyone! I wanted to start by saying thank you to everyone who’s using my guides, and a special thanks to those who’ve left me some comments and helped support me. You’re all legends, thank you!

I am still on a mission to get a guide out for as many models as possible, but trying to keep up with the release schedule can be a little daunting, I’m almost up to 100 models in the collection and still more I need to pick up!

It’s been a lot of fun tackling so many characters and even better to be able to revisit a few. I’ve been painting them now since the core set in 2019 and it’s been amazing to see the progress in the sculpt quality. A good example is Spider-Man; the core set model while cool is also fairly basic, compared to the Amazing Spider-Man, who goes full blown cinematic action pose. It’s clear that AMG are pushing themselves and I love it.

I’m slowly working away on more guides and feel like I’m catching up with the backlog. I’ve added Omega Red today and you can find his guide here…

I have a couple of guides close to completion, with the below coming in the next couple of weeks…

Hulkbuster includes a lot more images than I normally do, because I felt he deserved more detail. I am also going to start including more images for different angles, at least the backs to start.

I also have the following packs and likely will be looking at doing them in the following order..

Gambit & Rogue

Colossus & Magik

Doc Ock & Spider-Man (Rivals Panel)

I’m looking to get the guides out a bit more regularly, with at least 1 every fortnight and 1 a week if I can. Look out on Fridays for future guides.

If there’s anything you’d like to see let me know.

7 thoughts on “MCP- Painting Guides Update

  1. Thanks for doing the guides they are super helpful, I would love to see your guide for Thanos, Spider-Gwen & Miles Morales. Looking forward to the Rogue and Gambit guides too for nice you have them.

  2. Thanks again that’s awesome I will check out that issue, I bought the earlier issue with the core set guide which had a lot of helpful info on things like line highlighting, eyes etc. are there any further issues you had MCP guides in your could check out? Thanks for the quick reply too 🙂

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