Deadzone – Cafe Terrain Finished!

I’ve been working on a few terrain pieces with a bit more of a story to them for Deadzone. The reason behind this is with what I have it feels like a very industrial hollow battlefield, and as each deadzone is supposed to have been something; Military compound, newfound colony, sprawling colony etc. I wanted to get that across with the terrain.

I wanted to go for something that looked like it would be a civilian area and I’ve chosen to make 3 peices of terrain to help evoke that; a cafe, a bar and a outdoor dreadball pitch 🙂

The first one I set about getting finished was the cafe…

Cafe1 Cafe2 Cafe3 Cafe4 Cafe5

I’m very pleased with how it’s turned out, and it looks good setup with the other terrain.

Next up will be finishing off the bar…

Deadzone – Buildings with Character!

I’m onto painting the next and last (for now) peices of Deadzone terrain, something with a bit more character and story to it.

The first of these is a wee cafe…


This ones going to be Azurian in theme, so what better colour than blue 😀

The next one is the Reb affiliated bar…


I will be adding a wee bit of the creamy colour I used on the Rebs armour and other terrain, to link it in further (possibly on both pieces tbh), but for now I need to focus on getting these base colours highlighted up 😀

Deadzone – Even More Advertising!

Above and beyond the posters I’d added previously I wanted to add something that looked a little more official, which is where Antenocitis Workshops Medium Advertising Boards came in…

Extra-5I made up a couple of posters for my Dreadball teams and used some of the posters I’d found previously to paste into the spaces, and also covered them with a thin sheet of plastic to add to the official feel. I chose to do these in red to make them stand out a bit more, but it also provides a link to my Rebs and their colour choices.

Deadzone – Air Filtration Units &Barricades Complete!

The next batch of Antenocitis Workshop scenery is done and another layer of character added to the Deadzone Board 🙂


The barricades I wanted to stand out a bit and after having a search on google thought they would look great with hazard stripes. I did these primarily with masking with tape as well as some salt masking to get the worn old effect on themExtra-4 Extra-6Like the rest of the terrain I wanted these to look fairly old and well used so added some rusty looking areas with some watered down orange and a few layers of washes, mainly Agrax Earthshade and Nuln oil over the metal basecoat.

Deadzone – Antenocitis Billboards Complete!


The first of my Antenocitis Workshop scenery for Deadzone is finished and  think it will definitely add even more flavour to the table…

Extra-8 Extra-9 Extra-10I’ve chosen to paint this stuff up to match the rest of the terrain and added the actual ads using the same method as the posters. I even made up a Dreadball poster for one to link it all into the universe as a whole. I was going to do it with my own team logos, but felt something more universally recognisable would suit better.

Deadzone – Extra Buildings!

I had one set of terrain left over still to build and decided I would do something a little bit different with it. The idea was to have a couple of structures that had a clear use before the containment protocol was put into effect.

The first I decided was going to be a small cafe like place…


I’m going to add one of the Antenocitis extractr fans to the roof as well as a couple of the vending machines in the wee alcove on the right to further add to it. I used plasticard to create the counter as well as a flat area to create a sign.

The second building is going to be something of a small bar…


This is going to have one of the larger extractors on top and the idea is to give it a bit a of a rebel theme, but have it looking burned out and abandoned, as though the local law enforcement didn’t look too kindly on the revolutionist ideals of the clientele. I’m also going to add to this by boarding up the windows and doors, this should add to the story of the building but also lets me have some LOS blocking terrain.

I’m still deciding whether these shold be the same colour as the rest of the terrain or something more in line with the character I’m trying to portray, would love to hear what you think?

Deadzone – Antenocitis Workshop Extras!

I decided to get some Antenocitis Workshop products to continue in my efforts to add a bit more character to the Deadzone Board, and it’s looking really good…

Antenocitis-2 Antenocitis-3

I added a couple of the supports from the Deadzone terrain sprues to the backs of the billboards so they would be freestanding, this means I’ll be able to shift them about between games 🙂

Antenocitis-1 Antenocitis-4

These are primarily to add a bit more to some of the buildings and for a couple of more scenic buildings I have in mind


As I had already added some pasted on posters I wanted to add some more ‘official’ advertising areas


These are going to be used to add a bit more cover

Antenocitis-7And finally some vending machines, a couple for the extra buildings I mentioned earlier, and the others just to scatter about 🙂

Overall I’m really impressed with the quality of this stuff. It only really needs some minor filing and a quick wash and it’s ready to go. Will definately be keeping my eye on Antenocitis Workshop 🙂