Deadzone – Terrain Testers Started!

I’ve begun painting up a couple of the terrain sections I have built in order to get an idea of how I want to paint the rest and find out what works and what doesn’t before doing the rest. So far I’ve done them much the same way as the Rebs armour, using the salt masking technique (which I’ll go into further later :)), and here’s how they look…

Terrain1 Terrain-2

I’m pleased with how they look although so far I’ve realised the salt may be a little too fine for such large areas, so going to look into getting something a bit coarser. I also think they may need a little more shading/highlighting before moving onto the next stage. I’m going to continue on with these ones until they are complete, again just to do a wee bit of troubleshooting before going onto the rest :). Once I’m onto them I’ll go into much more detail as to how I’ve done it all 🙂

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