Deadzone – Antenocitis Workshop Extras!

I decided to get some Antenocitis Workshop products to continue in my efforts to add a bit more character to the Deadzone Board, and it’s looking really good…

Antenocitis-2 Antenocitis-3

I added a couple of the supports from the Deadzone terrain sprues to the backs of the billboards so they would be freestanding, this means I’ll be able to shift them about between games 🙂

Antenocitis-1 Antenocitis-4

These are primarily to add a bit more to some of the buildings and for a couple of more scenic buildings I have in mind


As I had already added some pasted on posters I wanted to add some more ‘official’ advertising areas


These are going to be used to add a bit more cover

Antenocitis-7And finally some vending machines, a couple for the extra buildings I mentioned earlier, and the others just to scatter about 🙂

Overall I’m really impressed with the quality of this stuff. It only really needs some minor filing and a quick wash and it’s ready to go. Will definately be keeping my eye on Antenocitis Workshop 🙂


One thought on “Deadzone – Antenocitis Workshop Extras!

  1. Really like what you have done with the Antenocitis pieces – I picked up some bits from them for Deadzone terrain detailing while at Salute 2014. There was talk of them doing a kickstarter this year so fingers crossed.

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