A Weekend of Gaming!

Over the weekend I managed to get in a fair amount of hobby related awesomeness. The annual show here in Edinburgh, Claymore, was on and whilst there was a fairly good amount of games on show, there was two in particular that caught my interest…

Mars Attacks

Mantic games came along to the show and were showing off their latest offering, Mars Attacks. The models on show were fantastic, with some truly exceptional paint jobs and really make me regret not getting anything else from the kickstarter other than the Dreadball team.

Being a backer did net me a digital copy of the rulebook however and I’ve been slowly digesting it. I’ve found the easiest way to describe it is as Deadzones weird little brother. It’s much simpler than Deadzone but shares a lot of the same mechanics. It’s the character of the game itself that set’s it apart, taking a much more light hearted approach than most wargames. It’s not uncommon for a herd of flaming cattle to rampage randomly around the board for instance :D. The models were great to get a look at as they are cast in PVC, something Mantic have said they will be using much more often in the future(both Xtreme and Dungeon Saga will be using this material). They look really well detailed and dynamic considering they come as one piece, and I think the painted figures really show that this material does the job.

Firestorm: Planetfall

The second game to catch my eye was the upcoming Firestorm: Planetfall from Spartan Games which see’s massive ground forces fighting it out in the Firestorm universe.

This really caught my eye due to the scale of the fights and the scale of the miniatures. I’ve missed massive battles since dropping 40k and this looks like it would be a perfect replacement for many reasons. The scale is much better suited for the size of the battles, the models are great (especially the leviathans) and the cost seems to be about the same as the rest of Spartans range so not silly money. Now to keep an eye on news about when this bad boy will be released 🙂Axis & Allies 1941 is Setup and Ready to Play

Axis & Allies

To follow up one the fun had at Claymore I headed round to a mates for my first ever game of Axis & Allies. Wow. I really enjoyed the game as it’s basically Risk Advanced and really look forward to getting more games of this on the go. It’s fun just because of the alternate history aspect that comes into play. For instance playing as Japan I managed to invade much of the USA, where as the Russians nearly wiped the Germans of the map.


To finish of a great weekend I got a game of Deadzone on the go. I’ve not played in a couple of months so my opponent and I were a little rusty but a good time was had. Inevitably my Rebs lost yet another battle to the plague(I really hate mortars), but it et me try out the Kraaw and weapons team that I had yet to field and chat to a couple of new players who I’ll be playing soon. It also inspired me to get to work on my own Plague, which so far have had a few trial schemes but nothing solid. Now I’ve got a scheme down I’ll be getting stuck into them good and proper 😀

Mantic Games – Battlezone Sci-fi Ruins!


I just received the BATTLEZONES: SCI-FI RUINED DISTRICT from the nice people at Mantic Games, so I’d thought I would share my thoughts as I worked my way through a box, building and painting up a few new buildings for my Deadzone board 🙂

Out the Box: First off here’s how the sprues look straight out of the box:

You get 4 of these...

You get 4 of these…

...and 4 of these

…and 4 of these…

…as well as a sprue of the connectors common to all of the Battlezones terrain.

As we’ve come to expect from this kinda terrain it’s very nice stuff. Strong, detailed and easy to get together :). It’s a nice variety as well allowing all kinds of ruins to be built from this set alone, combine it with some of the Urban terrain and you could make some truly unique buildings for any game. For Deadzone everything you get is perfect, suits the game really well and is the perfect size and shape for it. For other games it’s a bit more restricted as it sticks to a 3″ x 3″ cube format, although a little extra work and you can make them into any weird and wonderful shape you wish.

Building: I had a few ideas spinning around as to what I wanted to build up with these. A couple of small ruins would be perfect to act as individual sections of cover or positioned in the right spot, separated parts of the same building :), and I wanted to see what could be made up only with this box, so I started cutting and gluing and got these…


The terrain only needs a wee bit of cleaning up, a few sections where they were clipped from the sprue as well as getting rid of mold lines in the hole connectors would be slotted into. You get a few rubble sections that act as a connector, which you can see in the top left of the picture. It’s a simple but cool piece that adds to the overall look of a ruined building nicely.

There was also a couple of sections that allow for some free-standing rubble. Here’s how they look straight out of the box with a smidgen of glue (they come as two halves that slot together)…


Combining with the Urban Box: I also wanted to create a couple of bigger buildings like the Bar and Cafe that I’d worked on previously. Something with character, which meant (to me anyway)it should be a target, something that the Council would want rid of in the event of containment protocols and therefore ‘ruined’.

The first idea was a coms station of some sort and after fiddling about for a few hours I put this together…


I managed to make it almost exclusively with bits from the ruins box and spares bits from an Urban district box. Anything I couldn’t find a suitable piece for from the Battlezones parts I used a few varieties of plastic bit’s and pieces instead, most of which I got from the local hobby shop. I’m going to continue adding some extras onto this building to help increase the character.

After all that I still have a fair few bits leftover to do another building, which in my head at present should be some kind of lab or medical centre, have to see what I can do…

May 2014 – A Month in Review

I’ve decided to post a wee gallery at the end of each month to show a roundup of the hobby prohjects I’ve completed in that time. This is so people will be able to get a look at everything in one place, but also to give me an idea of what I’m getting through. I’m also looking to try at least one new hobby method each month, such as the icicles I tried this month, to add to my hobby skills and hopefully this will encourage me a bit more.

So without further ado, here’s what I’ve done this month…

Deadzone – Nastanza

Another cracking model in the Deadzone range, Nastanza, is now finished and ready to blow some heads clean off…

Nastanza1 Nastanza2

Took a wee bit of time to decide on a scheme for this one. I knew I didn’t want to go with the ‘official’ scheme, but really didn’t have a clue what to do. It was the backpack that did it for me, as it kinda looks like the tail-end of a wasp, I thought yellow and black could look pretty damn good 🙂

Deadzone – Time to Paint Some Mercs!

Before I move onto another faction I’d like to get the Mercs I have painted and ready to play…


So far I have Nastanza, Wrath and the LE Survivor to paint. The plan is to do the survivor in similar colours to the Rebs and Wrath in a kind of opposite colour scheme – Red armour with white detailing. Nastanza I’m not sure on, but I’m sure I’ll figure it out before I’ve finished the other two 😀

Deadzone – Terrain Photoshoot!

With the last piece of terrain(for now)for my Deadzone board done I took the chance to get some photos of a few bits and bobs of it all together, with and without some Rebs…

Group1 Group2 Group3 Group4

It’s good to get a sense of scale on the Dreadball pitch, which still looks a little small, but I’m happy with how it all looks together and the character it adds to the board 😀

Deadzone – Dreadball Pitch Terrain Finished!

The Dreadball pitch has now had a lick of paint and is all the better for it 🙂

Pitch1 Pitch2 Pitch3

I decided to add some of the colours I used on the buildings to give the pitch a link to it’s surroundings. So I added it on the top half of the concrete barriers and the goals/nets/tubes/scoring mechanism. I also added some colouration on the pitch itself in the form of strike zone markings and a centre line. Both of these were applied by airbrush after a coat of hairspray, so I could give them a chipped worn look. I didn’t bother with any salt on these as I wanted much larger areas of chipping. I also added a couple of white crosses to give at least a vague idea of where one cube begins and another ends 🙂

Deadzone – Dreadball Pitch Terrain!

An idea struck me whilst I was making up the Antenocitis Billboards and adding the Dreadball poster in particular. What if there where street style Dreadball pitches, like you see in basketball and football in real life? Not something like used in Xtreme, but something used by the kids and adults alike of the cities and colonies. With that in mind I set out to try and figure out the best way to make something like that and discovered this on Antenocitis Workshop:


This would work really well to get the main shape onto a base. I had a couple of wooden backs from frames lying about, intended for basing some terrain, so cut one to the size I wanted, 3 x 2 cubes or 9″ x 6″. With that base size in place I had a limit to the size of the pitch and how much of the above to cut into shape and size, I wanted it a little smaller than the base so I could add a few extra bits around the edges, specifically some barriers and some strike posts. Using some of the Antenocitis barriers, a few bits of Deadzone terrain, metal tubing and a wee bit of guitar string, this is what I came up with…


It looks a little small when compared with the size of the figures, but I think any larger and it would take up way too much space on the board, and I think at the end of the day it does what it’s supposed to do- add a characterful piece of terrain to the board, something that makes it look like people did at one time or another live and play in the Deadzone 🙂

Now to get the blighter painted 😀