Deadzone – Plague Painting Guide!

With the main bulk of my Plague force fully painted and ready to rip some faces off, I thought I would share the methods I used to get them looking how I did these guys…



Flesh: Basecoat of Pallid Wych Flesh

Wash of 3:1 Druchii Violet and Lahmian Medium

Wait for the previous wash to dry and add a light wash of 3:1 Drakenhof Nightshade and Lahmian Medium

Once dry add a fine highlight of Pallid Wych Flesh


Blue trousers: Basecoat Kantor Blue

Highlight of Altdorf Guard Blue

Highlight 1:1 Altdorf Guard Blue and White

Fine Highlight of 2:1 White and Altdorf Guard Blue


Orangey Brown Sectons: Basecoat Tau Light Ochre

Wash of Agrax Earthshade

Highlight of Tau Light Ochre

Fine highlight of 1:1 Tau Light Ochre and Pallid Wych Flesh


Guns, Blades & Metals: Basecoat of Doombull Brown

Stipple on Trollslayer Orange then Fire Dragon Bright

Lightly drybrush Leadbelcher to the edges

Wash of Agrax Earthshade

Fine highlight of Leadbelcher to some of the edges and stippled onto larger areas


Green Spines & Armour Plates: Basecoat of Caliban Green

Highlight of Snot Green

Highlight of Moot Green

Fine Highlight of 2:1 White and Moot Green


Glowy Green Faces: Add a coat of watered down Moot Green on and around the eyes and mouth. This should be about 5 parts water to 1 part paint.

Allow to dry and then add a coat of 3:1:1 Water, Moot Green and White, leaving the outer most parts the original colour

To finish off add a dab of 3:1 White and Moot Green to the centre


Jackets, Straps and Pouches: Basecoat in Black

Add a highlight of Mechanicus Standard Grey

Highlight with Codex Grey

Fine Highlight of Celestra Grey

Wash with Badab Black


Belt Buckles: Basecoat XV88

Highlight with 2:1 XV88 and Yriel Yellow

Highlight Yriel Yellow

Fine Highlight 1:1 Yriel Yellow and White


Bases: The first step for my bases was done before any undercoating and was as simple as adding a coat of the GW texture paint Astrogranite. This gives it the texture, but with enough spacing between them to feel like a concrete surface. It also has the added bonus of filling and hiding the seam around the circular section around the feet and the slot in the base.

Once the rest of the figure was painted I then moved onto the base as the last step.

First was a basecoat of Mechanicus Standard Grey

Then a drybrush of Codex Grey

Another drybrush this time with Clestial Grey

And a final drybrush of Terminatus Stone

To make it feel a bit more natural I then added a coat of watered down Dryad Bark to most of the base. I reccomend a very thin coat, at least 5:1 Water and Dryad Bark

I then added small patches of a 5:1 mix of Water and Doombull brown to add further variation.

Finally I painted the rims of the bases black to tidy them up a bit.

And there you have it, nice and simple but good looking none the less, even if I do say so myself 😀

If I happened to miss anything that you want to know about, just leave me a comment 🙂

Deadzone – Plague Booster!

So I have added a booster to my Plague force…IMG_9484

This will give them a wee bit extra oomphf, especially with a couple of Frag weapons in there:). I’ve painted them up to match the rest of the force, with the only real difference being the coats worn by one of the Mortar crew and the grenade launcher bloke. These I went with black on to stick with the theme and give them a trenchcoat feel. Here’s how they look now…

Reinforcements-1 Reinforcements-2

The only one of them still not done is the swarm. I don’t see myself using it anytime soon so I wasn’t in a rush to get it done, but I will eventually get it panted :). But for now that’s the Plague force complete. When it comes to models anyway. I’ve been getting quite into writing the fluff for these guys which I’ll show off soon, along with some pics of the whole force together 😀

Deadzone – Plague Strider Finished!

This model is a beauty! I found it really easy to put together, especially as the components allow a great degree of flexibility to the pose, giving you an awesome looking model no matter what 🙂

I’ve chosen to paint it in the same fashion as the clothing for the Stage 3s to give it, and them, a uniform feel. Although I knew I would also need to make it look a bit more worn and worse for wear. Here’s how it turned out…







I painted this before fully constructing, as it would be a lot trickier to get right otherwise. I left the arms, the cockpit front and the pilot off to paint separately.

This gave me the inspiration for some back story to the Plague force I’ve put together, as well as some scenery once the force is ready.

The idea centers around a corporation, Feist Security Technology, that operates in a similar manner to a police force, with the notable exception they only serve and protect those that pay for the privilege. Whilst escorting a shipment from a client corporation all hell brakes loose leaving a few Plague infected Feist security troopers . These troopers keep spreading the Plague, instinct taking them back to the central Feist buildings and spreading the sickness throughout, garnering a good mix of well trained grunts, specialists, equipment and a Gr77 ‘Riot’ mech.

Even made up a logo to go with the corporation…


It’s only the start of an idea, but I’m gonna run with it and see where ti takes me 😀

Deadzone – Plague Stage 1 Finished!

The final model from the Plague starter, the Stage 1, is finished. Now I’ve got one hell of a beast to lead the swarm, pack, herd?

Stage-1-1 Stage-1-2

I’ve painted him pretty much the same way as the Stage 2s, as there’s not much different other than the size. I did find it hard to decide which bits should be armour plates or flesh as the definition between the two seems blurred at best ob the model, although I’m still pleased with how he turned out 🙂

Next up will be the Strider 😀

Deadzone – Plague Stage 2’s Complete

Another 3 models are done from the Plague faction starter bringing it ever closer to completion. This time it’s some of the big guys…

Stage2-1 Stage2-2

I’m happy with how they turned out, although as they don’t have any of the orange and blue the Stage 3’s have they do look a little out of place alongside them.

They have been painted using the same methods as the Stage 3’s, except that the armour was given a basecoat of Caliban Green before the highlighting process began.

Deadzone – Plague Stage 3’s Complete!

I’m cracking on with the Plague faction with the stage 3’s getting the first licks of paint. Just the flesh done for now…


It was surprisingly easy to get the flesh the way I wanted it, and if you fancy giving it a go here’s how I did it…

Basecoat of Pallid Wych Flesh

Wash of 3:1 Druchii Violet and Lahmian Medium

Wait for the previous wash to dry and add a light wash of 3:1 Drakenhof Nightshade and Lahmian Medium

Once dry add a fine highlight of Pallid Wych Flesh

And after adding a wee bit more colour…

Stage3-1 Stage3-2

I didn’t really change anything from the tester as I really liked how that one turned out and I’m really pleased with how they look together 🙂

Here’s a run down on how I painted the other bits and pieces…

Blue trousers: Basecoat Kantor Blue

Highlight of Altdorf Guard Blue

Highlight 1:1 Altdorf Guard Blue and White

Fine Highlight of 2:1 White and Altdorf Guard Blue

Vests: Basecoat Tau Light Ochre

Wash of Agrax Earthshade

Highlight of Tau Light Ochre

Fine highlight of 1:1 Tau Light Ochre and Pallid Wych Flesh

Guns and Blades: Basecoat of Doombull Brown

Stipple on Trollslayer Orange then Fire Dragon Bright

Lightly drybrush Leadbelcher to the edges

Wash of Agrax Earthshade

Fine highlight of Leadbelcher to some of the edges

Green Spines: Basecoat of Snot Green

Highlight of Moot Green

Fine Highlight of 2:1 White and Moot Green

Deadzone – Strider Unboxing!


Finally managed to get my hands on one of these bad boys, so let’s take a look at what you get….


This is the main components you get in the box, and this is the extras…


It gives you all the bits you need to build it as one of the 3 varieties; Rebs, Plague and Corporation/Enforcer and some nice bits to accessorise it how you like which while designed with certain factions in mind wouldn’t look out of place in any of them.

Building it up didn’t take too long although it can take a wee bit of trial and error to figure out which bit goes where as there are no instructions 😦

Overall it’s a great model especially considering the value for money, my only gripe is the size of the weapons. They feel a little over the top and chunky with the flamer and chainsaw being the main offenders. The Enforcer gun gets away with it a little more, giving it the sense of power I think it should have considering the stats.

This one is getting done up for the Plague I’ve been working on, but don’t worry the Rebs have two on their way once a mate gets his second wave shipment 😀

Deadzone – Books, Cards and Stories!

It’s hard to believe that Deadzone has only been officially released for 6 months. Already the game has seen a great amount of products released which shows a great level of support for a great game.

I’ve managed to get as much of this fancy stuff as possible and want to let you all know what I think of some of it. The main things I’ll be looking at here are the 2 expansion books, Nexus Psi & Incursion, the Mercenary card deck and the Containment Protocol short stories collection. So let’s take a look at those books…


Nexus Psi

The first expansion to be released features some new rules, a campaign and some great fluff on the current factions as well as the mercenaries.

The new rules are mainly there to cover units available in the faction boosters such as the vehicles and the weapons teams. There’s only a few here but it does a great job of expanding on what was available in the main rulebook.


The campaign is designed for 2 players with one of the factions needing to be plague. This can be a little restrictive, but it’s a great campaign if you have a lack of players around for the full shebang. It features a total of 10 missions and a simple campaign map. The map features 6 nodes, the aim of the game being for your faction to control each and every one to win and a mission that needs to be won in order to take control of each. That leaves 4 other missions. The first one is a simple scenario to get you going and with the team taking on the plague trying to get some intel. The other 3 can only be played once per campaign and act as something of a balancer. Normally the winner gets to choose the next scenario to be played, but in the case of these extra scenario the loser can choose them in order to try and get the initiative back to their side.

I’ve not had a chance to give it a go yet but it looks exciting and I’m champing at the bit to take on some Plague with my Rebs, and there’s no shortage of Plague players around here 🙂


The fluff in this book is top notch and is a reason in itself to pick the book up. Each of the 4 factions the game started with gets a few pages of dedicated backstory. This really adds to the universe as a whole and gives a great deal of information as to the character, motivations, organisation and origins of each of the factions. In addition each of the Mercs gets a page to themselves, giving a backstory to the more famous names fighting on Nexus Psi. There’s also a couple of short stories sread through the book, which are all pretty good. Due to the lack of any background in general to the warpath universe(other than whats in this book) it’s easy to get enthralled with the wee snippets these stories give away 🙂




The latest book, Incursion, whilst not a campaign book adds much of the same as Nexus Sci. It mainly introduces the 2 newest factions, Forge Fathers and Asterions, with each getting a double page background section as well as a page for each of their main new units. The backgrounds for these are really good although they sometimes feel a little derivative, obviously inspired by their fantasy counterparts, but this is made up for by the elements that really make them feel unique and the absence of some of the more stereotypical elements that are usually shoehorned into races such as these.


There is also expansion on some of the previous factions with the new units coming soon getting a page each, such as the Strider and Peacekeepers in addition to a couple more short stories and something every sci fi game needs, a galactic map…


Rules wise there is a couple of extras in here. There’s a scenario dedicated to an Enforcer strike team made up of Peacekeepers and only Peacekeepers which looks like it would be a lot of fun, but one hell of a challange for the team taking them on. There is rules for Multimat games, which while interesting seem more like guidelines than solid rules, although I’m not complaining, better to have them in there than not. Finally they have some additional information on terrain, mainly due to the ruins and fortifications kits that came out, and the need to cover them in the same fashion as the standard terrain was in the main rulebook.

Overall I really enjoyed the book, it is primarily fluff but that’s really what I’ve been clamoring for when it comes to the Deadzone universe, so it does not disappoint.


Mercenary Card Deck

Something I was surprised was coming out was this card deck but after looking through them I’ve realised it is an essential add on to the game. The main bulk of the cards are made up of, you guessed it, mercenaries. Every merc available for Deadzone, including the KS exclusives is in the deck, and it’s very nice to have proper cards available rather then the paper ones that come in the mercs clamshells. These are of the same quality as the cards you get in the faction starters, so no complaints there.


In addition to the Mercs there are also some new cards for each of the factions to cover the newest releases; Striders, Peacekeepers, Pathfinders, The Recon Drone(the one that comes with N32-19, Stuntbots and Iron Ancestors. It seems the cards for these are only available in this deck and do not come packaged with the models.


Above and beyond that the deck comes with a couple more cards. The first of which is 3 Dreadball player cards. These are for one of the missions in the Nexus Psi book where a Dreadball star player is stuck in the Deadzone and must be rescued before the Plague can eat their face. The cards represent each of the postions in Dreadball; Striker, Jack and Guard, not the MVP pictured on the card.

The second of these additional cards is a few extra for the Rebs in order to fix some mistakes on the originals, adding the correct class to the commander, the correct points to the Kraaw and the addition of construct to the survey drone. As a Rebs player these are very welcome :).

The final card is for the Plague Stage 3Z, Zombies! Seems these will be covered in the next book, Contagion, and are for the solo play version of Deadzone or for throwing into a game to mess with both players :). Can’t wait for that.

Overall a very solid product and one that really will be an essential purchase for anyone looking to make use of the new units on there way. Whilst I would have preferred those cards being included with the models I can see the sense in sticking them together with the rest of the cards that would be coming out anyway and for £5 it’s hardly breaking the bank 🙂

Containment Protocol: A Deadzone Anthology


Released a while ago was this collection of 10 short stories set on Nexus Psi which I got around to reading a few weeks back, which you can get a hold of here.

As I’ve said I’ve been really keen to get a hold of as much background on this universe as possible and this collection does not disappoint. I honestly can’t think of any of the stories that I didn’t enjoy, and each brought something different and unique to the table. Whilst some were better written than others, each was  certainly engaging enough that you wanted to read on with all of them giving a great selection of interesting characters and a good descriptive idea of their surroundings.

The few standouts for me where Need to Know and A Sense of Unity. The first for the intrigue that it raises. Focusing on what can only be described as the secretary of a council member, it’s not the action packed adventure you’d expect from a book like this, but a nice little look into the core of the GCPS. The second really grabbed me as it focused on the Asterions, who before I’d read this had little to no information, and it does a great job of showing you how they interact with the Cyphers and use them to fight. It also introduces the Prax, something I would love to see a lot more of in the future.

I’d recommend this to anyone looking for background on the universe, or even anyone who likes a good sci-fi book, and to be honest at £3.99 it’s not gonna bankrupt you 🙂

Deadzone – Plague Tester!

Inspired by my latest games of Deadzone I’ve been getting stuck into some of the extra models I have lying about. One of these happens to be an entire faction starter, the Plague. I’ve had these on the painting table for months with various different attempts at a paint job but unable to get anything that really caught on.

Whilst looking over Mantics later kickstarter for Dungeon Saga, I really liked the look of one of the zombies and tried to emulate the flesh colours from that and got something I was more than happy with. Take a look at the test models I painted up and see what you think…


Deadzone – Chovar Psychic!

One of my favorite models from the Deadzone range is the Chovar Psychic and I’ve just got round to getting mine all painted up…

Chovar-3 Chovar-2 Chovar-1

It really is a cracking mini and was a lot of fun to paint, ending up easier than I expected. Painting the tentacles separately from the body definitely made things a lot simpler and I would reccomend this to anyone tackling this chap in the future 🙂