Dreadball – Dunedin VI Mega Bowl Results!

The Gamma Slammers did well in their first ever league, not quite taking the top spot this time though.

It turned out to be a fairly small event with five teams competing; 2 Marauder teams including the Slammers, 2 Corp teams , a Judwan team with some Teratons to even up the numbers. The Silver Centurions even made an appearance as one of the Corp teams, as a mate needed a lend of a team. Here’s some photos from the day:

It was a great laugh and a fun time was had by all with everyone getting 4 games in over the course of the day and here’s how the slammers results looked:

Game 1: Gamma Slammers Vs Boner Corp


Game 2: Gamma Slammers Vs Silver Centurions


Game 3: Gamma Slammers Vs Teenage Mutant Ninja Teratons


Game 4: Gamma Slammers Vs Judwan


Overall the Slammers performed well in all their games, with the offensive coach being an outstanding help throughout. Its the first thing I would get for the Marauders (if not most teams) straight off the bat. The ability to get a Goblin moving that fast is incredible, in one game a goblin managed to get from the centre line, to my end of the pitch, then back across to a strike zone and go for the throw! Even though I got off to a very shaky start, the great results in the second half of the day managed to pull me up the leader board and into second place :D, with the boner Corp netting the top prize, after 7 landslides and a 4-0 victory, they deserved it, with the coach receiving Ultimate, a medal, a trophy and the Dino riding kid (forget his name). My second place prizes were pretty spiffing too though….

Second Place Prizes

Second Place Prizes

That’s a Dreadball trophy and James ‘The Vet’ Syler, which I am well chuffed with, especially the MVP who I think is gonna be a Teraton coach for now :). Not only that but I also managed to get a prize for best painted, a season 1 cover print signed by Jake Thornton and Ronnie Renton…

Best Painted Prize

Best Painted Prize

I’ll have to frame that up :D.

Didn’t manage to get any kills at all throughout the day, which is a big surprise considering their bloodstained past, but I put it down to them not wanting to sully their brand new pitch. My pitch arrived just in time on Friday and I’m very happy with the result. A couple of mistakes have been made by me on the design, specifically the overly dark subs and injuries areas, as well as an incorrect line up marker :(. Here’s a closer look:

The Gamma Dome

The Gamma Dome

The Gamma Dome

The Gamma Dome

A big thank you goes out to Pathfinder Neil Collins for arranging and running the whole thing, as well as all the players who helped make it an awesome time 😀

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