Deadzone – Rebs Grogans Started!

Time to add some big guns to my Rebs force 🙂



So far just the flesh and the armour finished on these guys, so still a fair bit of work to go into them.

As you can see I managed to pick up an extra desolater, although I’m now wishing I’d grabbed the extra onslaught cannon whilst I was at it. Powerful as the desolater may be, having already zapped a few enemies straight out f the battlefield in the games I’ve played, I think the onslaught cannon provides s more reliable option. It’s a couple of points cheaper but also starts with a very reliable 5 dice. Even though it can only blaze away, it gives a very reliable ability to keep enemies heads down or even finish off already subdued models. Gonna have to keep my eyes peeled and try and get ahold of another one 🙂

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