Deadzone – My Rebs Win a Game Shocker!!!!!

My Rebs have finally been successful in winning a game!!! Only took 10+ attempts 🙂 and now I shall babble incoherently about it all…

So far I’ve only played against Plague, and found them a tricky one to combat, so looked forward to my first chance at tackling the Enforcers. It was only my opponents second game and first with the Enforcers, so I don’t think the win was down to my tactical genius, but overall I found them a lot easier to handle than an enemy that runs straight towards you then eats your face :(.

The game plays really well, and is very easy to pick up. I find myself comparing it to Dreadball in this regard, fairly often. It may be easy to get into, but it’s the intricacies and combos that really bring excellence to the game. Getting used to where you need to be and who is around you to get that great shot off, how important placement in a cube can be, is cover in your cube a good or a bad thing against your current opponent, whether you go for a shoot or a blaze away? I love how it all adds to the tactical depth that is so very present in Deadzone.

Now onto what came up during our game…

Game Deployment

Game Deployment

The game still felt like a struggle, but several things went in my favour. The first of these was deployment. With the tallest building right in my deployment zone, I was able to set up what I affectionately call the ‘Tower of Death’…

'Tower of Death'

‘Tower of Death’

With this and getting first turn I was able to obliterate the Enforcer Sniper with my first shot from the desolater, as well as pin nearly every other enforcer. This allowed me to effectively keep the enforcers boxed up as the short actions they had left after getting back up were used to return fire to try to get my head down. This game I also tended towards using blaze away more than I had in any previously, the Enforcers armour of 2 and great survive of 4+ means anything but a clear shot or a high AP weapon are likely not to do anything but give em a scratch. At least it meant they spent most of the game lying down….

Take that!

Enforcers having a slumber party 🙂


Another aspect that came up during the game was support, something I had not taken advantage of before, but certainly will be in the future. If you have  a teammate in the same cube when blazing away (and they could blaze away at the same target) they can add +1 dice to the roll, at the expense of being activated but not adding to your total of allowed activation’s in the turn. This gives my humans a much better use. I think I’ll now have 3 constantly following the Onslaught cannon about, and give the grogan some ammo. This gives the possibility of a huge amount of dice for one shot, the grogan gets 3 basic, +2 for Firestorm, add in another 2 for the ammo, and 3 for the supporting models, and for arguments sake lets say he’s on a higher level (cos, why not?) and he gets an absolutely ludicrous 11 dice!

Game-3 Game-5

I was also tempted to get into fights more often, with basic Enforcers having a low fight of 6+, I’d be a lot more confident of the Yndij or the Kraaw(once I can get my hands on some) taking them down. It also means the Teraton will definitely be making an appearance in my next game against them :), this giant should be able to take on any enforcer in single combat, even the Assault Enforcers.

Overall it was a great game and a good learning experience for the both of us, and I can’t wait to play some more against the Enforcers, especially once my opponent gets round to knowing his force a little better, which knowing him won’t take very long and the Rebs will return to taking a beating like they are supposed to 🙂

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